OIL PULLING: How To Whiten Teeth, Improve Gums And Transform Your Dental Health!

Nowadays, dental health is very important in everyday life, especially the whiteness of one’s teeth. Therefore, many products are offered on the market, which are more expensive than the regular ones. But that doesn’t mean that they are 100 percent effective and 100 percent sure for your dental health. It is well-known fact that it can do more damage to the oral health than really help. However, there is an easy and simple solution for your dental health, and it will not cost you as much as the other fancy products.

Oil pulling was used in ancient times (a traditional Indian system) that will naturally change overall dental health. It will definitely improve your oral health, reduce your dentist visits, and enormous bills; the result would be better dental health and brighter, whiter smile which is everyone’s desire.

Oil pulling is used as a mouthwash or oral rinse. Actually, it is anAyurveda approach to improve your health by daily regimens so that it prevents illness to your body. This approach has been used for 5000 years, and for sure is the best way to improve your health.


How to start oil pulling?

Firstly, you should take 1 tablespoon of oil, such as sunflower, sesame, or coconut. Coconutoil is quite often used, but it does not necessarily mean that it should be your first choice. Then swish it around your mouth for no more than 20 minutes. If you are beginner try only for five minutes. You start with five minutes, and then, as this is done on regular basis, you add extra 5 minutes until you reach the twenty minutes.

Make it a routine!

In order to have perfect results, you have to make oil pulling a routine, which means do it every day.  What is efficient oil pulling – start by swirling oil around the front and back of your mouth and over your tongue. Then, move the oil towards the back of your throat, but be sure that you do not swallow it. It is not an easy process as you have to use all your jaw muscles. However, the benefits are highly appreciated as soon as you become proficient in doing so.

What is most important is to learn how to move the oil through your teeth, and especially through your gums, and then you will gain all its oral health benefits. Do not get discouraged if you do not succeed immediately in oil pulling, try couple of times as the outcome would be more than pleasing.

NOTE: Not all persons have the same size of mouth, if you have smaller mouth, take smaller amount of oil until you get used of the whole process. Also be aware that your mouth and tongue would feel sore, that is why, it is crucial to start with 5 minutes. Last but not least is to make oil pulling a daily routine.

How to make the best of oil pulling!

You need to do a little preparation before you start oil pulling, such as:

-Flossing– just like your everyday routine, you should first floss so that the oil reaches everywhere through your teeth and gums.

Brushing your teeth – you brush your teeth so that every left particle or toxin in your teeth is removed, and the oil moves smoothly and efficiently.

Note: Some people might totally exclude brushing when they start oil pulling, however, this your own choice.

-Please eat later as by oil pulling immediately after consuming food, you might experience a slight nausea.

Drink water– like every detox, which is the case with oil pulling, you should drink as much as possible water, and also it will prepare your teeth and gums for better results.

Basic guide of oil pulling!

First you do it in the morning when you wake up.

Step 1   Start your day with a glass of water. However, if you do your oil pulling later in the day, skip this routine.

Step 2   Then floss your teeth, and by your own preference use your tongue scraper.

Step 3   Choose your oil.

Step 4   Put 1 tbs. of oil in your mouth.

Step 5 Start swishing.

Step 6  Then pull the oil between your teeth and around your gums, and remember not to swallow it.

Step 7    Proceed with step 6 for at least 5 minutes (if you are a beginner), and not more than 20 minutes.

Step 8 After 20 min. or 5min. spit the oil in a trash bin or a specified pot.

Step 9 Use warm seawater for swishing, so that you remove any left bacteria.

Step 10 And at last brush your teeth without any toothpaste, so that you remove any unwanted particle.

    We have given you the basic guide of oil pulling. However, there are contradictory studies regarding this matter, some recommend daily uses as best results for detoxifying your mouth, and some recommend use of only three times per day. What has always been proven best is to act on your own personal experience which actually gives perfect results.

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