Here’s How The Spine Is Connected To Internal Organs: The True Cause Of Pain!

Pain is not always reflected at the right spot of the body. You may experience harsh pain in some body parts which are not the exact affected area, then you start treatment which is not adequate for the specific health issue.

This is typical for the spine column; the pain reflects on other part, and then the treatment is not 100 percent efficient. Therefore, determining the part of the spine where the pain is felt can tell you a lot about the problem that other body organs have.

The following chart will inform you about the connection of the spine with the internal organs.

  1. If pain or tingling sensation is felt on the hands, examine the spine in the neck area.
  2. 70 percent of headaches are provoked by spine issues.
  3. Lumbar spine issues may reduce legs sensitivity, obstruct walking, and provoke pain in hips and thighs.
  4. Issues with the chest part of the spinal column may result in heart, stomach and intestines pain.
  5. Intervertebral disc dysfunction may cause vision issues, tinnitus, and difficulties when swallowing.

Exercising is highly recommended when spine is concerned; therefore make it a daily routine by which you will also improve the health of the other related body organs.


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