Here’s Why It Is Important To Sleep On Your Left Side Every Night!

Night sleep is essential in a person’s life. If this is misplaced by something else, the result would be nervousness during the day, and inability to function properly at work. Therefore, all of us pay an enormous amount of time when new bed or mattress has to be bought.

Namely, nocturnal sleep gives us peace and tranquility during the day, and also the time we pass in our home is longest in our beds. Quality sleep is important as much as quantity sleep. Namely, an individual should sleep in average at least 8 hours a day, which is a third of our lifetime. Good night sleep, provides good mental and physical well-being, and of course let’s not forget the beauty sleep.

Aside all these facts, what is very crucial for the night sleep, is the position we take while sleeping. It is not well known fact that every position can affect your health, positively or negatively. Therefore, it is good to know which position affects your health.

For instance, sleeping on the back is not good for individuals with asthma or sleep apnea, as it increases breathing problems. Sleeping on the back can worsen digestive problems. However, sleeping on the left side is much better position because of the health benefits.

If you have digestion issues try to sleep on this side as it improves the total digestion systemby allowing the body to extract nutrients that efficiently deal with toxic substances. Also it affects the blood circulation and cardiovascular health as the heart pumps better downhill by which the blood circulates more effectively back to the heart.

There are other health advantages by sleeping on the left side position, such as permitting bile and wastes to take a trip more freely throughout the body thus inciting spleen function improvement.Also it leads to a better lymphatic drainage and more toxic substances leaving the body, avoiding general stress and negative health impacts.

These are extraordinary given facts how the night sleep position can reflect on your complete health and well-being. Therefore, try to use the left side as much as possible because it is more beneficial than the other positions. Even though, it is difficult immediately to change your favourite position, you should try it as the gained benefits are enormous.

You should find your own way how to change it; a small tip is with the turned light on (lamp or other source of light) located on the right side of the bed, whereas instinctively you will try to move on the left side so that you avoid the light. Train yourself until this position becomes a habit. Please try this as quality sleep on the proper side is crucial for your overall health.

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