This Is The Healthiest Vegetable In The World And A Lot Of People Haven’t Even Hear Of It!

Watercress is one of the healthiest vegetable abundant with iron and vitamin C. However, there are lot of people that have not even heard of it, even though it has more iron than spinach, and believe it or not more vitamin C than lemon.

This vegetable was firstly grown in Eurasia, but nowadays is grown in various parts of the world. It was forgotten for a long time, even though it can boost your health and overall well-being. Nowadays, it starts to be used more often because of the numerous benefits, here are some of them:

  1. Effective anti-oxidant
  2. Fights oxidative stress in the body
  3. Purifies blood
  4. Triggers healthy appetite
  5. Regrowth of body cells
  6. Elimination of body toxic substances

Best way how to consume it is through fresh juice, however never pure, it hast to be dissolved with water in a ratio of 1:5 (watercress juice and water, respectively). Beware of this fact as pure watercress can cause an inflammatory process in your throat and stomach. Also it is not consumed daily, but every second day. Use these instructions and the gained health benefits are incredible.

Namely, many studies have actually found that watercress reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and avoids the advancement of breast cancer. Also other research studies performed on lab animals have discoveredits anti cancer properties. Watercress extract was injected in the body, and impeded cancer advancement and metastasizing. Thisnutritious, healthy boosting vegetable is highly recommended to heavy smokers due to its ability to lower the negative smoking effects.

The marvelous results are not shown only inside, but also outside reflected on body skin. Applied on your skin, it can treat skin blemishes, aging spots, hair loss, etc. You can either rub the watercress juice on the affected area or prepare a watercress compress.The watercress compress is very effective on sun spots.

Watercress compress preparation: chop the watercress well, then clean the affected area thoroughly, preferable by using alcohol. Apply the chopped leaves, then cover them with gauze and protect it with a bandage. Let it stay for couple of hours, or more. After removing the compress, wash your skin with cold water. This treatment can be used for various skin issues.

Watercress Salad: First wash the leaves well, and then sprinkle them with salt and vinegar. Let itstay for an hour. Next, add some chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and ground pepper. The salad hast to stay for three hours before consuming. This salad is the best healthy side dish to any meal. Enjoy it!

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