ACUPRESSURE: The Best Natural Remedy That Cures Sore Throat, Sinus Pain And More…

Acupressure is a technique derived from acupuncture, but in this technique needles are not used only fingers to pressure certain body spots. This technique was used for centuries solely by professionals in assisting pain relief and treat diseases.

In this article we will tutor you how to use your fingers and find the correct spot which will help you to use it as a home remedy; whenever you experience runny nose, sinus pain, headache, sore throat, cold, and other health issues.

Prepare yourself before acupressure starts

First you need to relax, use your relaxing space in your house so that your brain starts to wander and get prepared for the areas that needed to be massaged. Sit in a comfortable chair or armchair but do not cross your legs. Ease your body and try to be calm as much as possible. It is essential to warm your hands before starting the massage.

Rub them for couple of minutes by which you will increase energy circulation between your hands thus making them delicate. When your hands are ready, you can start the massage, by stimulating the designated point. Breathing is crucial if you are experiencing pain, inhale and exhale slowly to ease pain.

Acupressure points on the fingers

All you need is to massage certain points on your hand and start to feel pain relief, and as well as treat number of health problems. Here are all hand points:

  1. The tip of your thumb – massage the first section of the tip of the thumb against cold. By rubbing and pressing it you will stimulate your nose and throat, helping to solve breathing problems; also cough, cold, difficulties in swallowing and nasal congestion.
  2. The lower part of your thumb – massage this part for assisting in sore throat, hoarseness, and difficulty swallowing.Proper breathing is important while you are stimulating this part of the thumb, you should inhale and exhale gradually to allow the energy to flow throughout your body.
  3. The tip of the fingers of all four fingers, (thumb is not included) points for sinus painand sinusitis. Massage these points, as close as possible to the tip of the nails, thus relieving sinus pain, headache, dizziness, and stuffy nose. Also be massaging them you stimulate mucus secretion.
  4. Pads of all fingersapply pressure tosolve influenza issues. You need to rub all fingers simultaneously so that you eliminate muscle pain of entire body. This soothing effect will help you fight influenza faster and sooner. If you massage the skin between the toes, you will stimulate the lymphatic system.
  5. The point under the tip of your middle finger –massage the right side of the middle finger and you will experience fatigue relief. Likewise for fatigue, you need to stimulate the point under the tip of your middle finger.
  6. Next point is the index finger, just under the tip – massaging it; it will help you with stomach pain. Also the little finger plays an important role in alleviating stomach pain.
  7. Ring finger – rub it and it will help you with the painful headaches.

Acupressure helps because of the triple effects: diagnostic effect, therapeutic effect, and preventing effect. All these three help in maintaining and improving health, also the pain and discomfort felt while performing acupressure can give you the right diagnosis.

Last, but no least is the importance of acupressure when stress is concerned. It is efficient remedy for stress relief which is very important in modern living. Stress is something we fight against every day, but by using this method we can get rid of it easily. Also acupressure helps oxygen to flow throughout the body by stimulating circulation.


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