Incredible! Wrap Your Feet In Few Layers Of Aluminum Foil And After 1 Hour See The Amazing Results!

Aluminum foil is daily used in any kitchen, home or professional one. Usually used for wrapping different types of food, however it would have never occurred to you that it can be used for wrapping your body. By doing so you acquire numerous health solutions, such as cold, insomnia; andother conditions such as fatigue, fresh burns, painful joints, etc.

  1. Painful Joints Relief especially for conditions like gout, sciatica, arthritis and heel pain.
    How to solve these agonizing conditions is by using foil which will cover the affected painful body area, then secure it with a medical bandage. The wrap should stay in a place for an overnight, or it can stay while you are resting at home. This procedure should be done for 10 to 12 days. After this period rest your body for a week or two. If you still experience pain, repeat this same procedure until the pain fades away.
  2. Get Rid of Fatigue – this is an old custom used for centuries and acknowledged by renowned specialists. The procedure is by placing several aluminum foil strips in a freezer for about two to four hours. Then you apply them on your face, precisely cheeks or eyelids, and leave them until the muscle completely relaxes. When you remove the strips, you will see the amazing results; the signs of tiredness and insomnia are gone.
  3. Phantom Pains Gone – if you experience phantom pains or you have been under amputation surgery, aluminum foil will be of essential help for the pain to go away. Just warp aluminum foil around the affected limb area, secure it with a medical bandage, and wait until the pain goes way, then remove the foil.
  4. Fresh Burns Reliefthe elements consisted in the aluminum foil can assist burn relief. This fact is even recommended by The University of Wisconsin, advising their physicians to use aluminum foil on fresh burns. However, first you have to wash the affected burned area with cold water, and dry it with a soft cloth. Then apply a thin layer of burn ointment, and cover it with sterilized gauze. Wrap the gauze with aluminum foil and secure it with a medical plaster. Leave it until you experience pain relief.
  1. Stop Pesky Coldthere isn’t a person who have not experienced the troublesome cold, and acknowledged all its symptoms. So knowing all of them, try to stop it or even prevent it by using aluminum foil. Wrap your feet in five to seven layers of foil, and leave it for an hour. Then remove it and leave the feet to breathe for two hours, and again repeat the procedure. Perform this procedure for a week or until you start feeling better.

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Aluminum foil is an easy solution for everyone. There isn’t a home in USA that does not keep aluminum foil, so next time when you cook or use it for something else in the kitchen, remember this article and try to use it as a health solution.



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