Here’s How to Prevent Muscle Loss and Other Age-Related Diseases

Losing muscle is one of the consequences of aging … But this phenomenon is not inevitable! Here are two natural remedies that help keep muscles strong and healthy: apple and green tomato! Focus on these two foods with magical powers.

Heres How to Prevent Muscle Loss and Other Age Related Diseases

Muscle loss: a natural phenomenon linked to aging

Despite the care of their bodies and their diet, many people may be affected by the phenomenon of muscle loss (more known as muscle atrophy). This process of muscle loss is very common from 50 years … According to a recent study, some simple and palatable food can to stop this process: their consumption would maintain a healthy muscle mass and preserve good physical health.

Why muscular atrophy is it harmful to health?

Muscle atrophy is directly related to age and aging (other factors can accentuate this as sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, illness, etc. Indeed, over the years, the muscles become weaker: a natural process that can cause serious problems such as broken bones…

At the age of 30, it is important to practice or continue practicing regular physical activity to maintain muscle mass or develop it. Indeed, after 30 years, on average we lose between 3 and 5% of its mass muscle every 10 years and after 75 years muscle loss accelerates significantly.

It is very difficult to live with muscle atrophy and this affects the quality of life. It limits certain activities such as gardening, hiking. The loss of strength results in a lack of endurance and resistance to physical effort. In some cases, even simple activities such as a walk can be dangerous.

Studies have shown that two foods can counteract muscle loss

Indeed, researchers have discovered that certain foods can stop the process of muscle loss and prevent it from worsening. This is apple and green tomato! You are surprised? Both foods possess magical health benefits.

Generally, a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular physical activity helps to strengthen muscles and maintain them. But you never thought apples and green tomatoes could be so beneficial to the health of your muscles!

Why? US scientists from the University of Iowa found that these two foods had an effect on the prevention of aging, thanks to the combination of ursolic acid (found in apple peel) and tomatidine (green tomato) that help to slow this process.

They identified a protein called ATF4, which is responsible for muscle aging and genetics, and the two compounds contained in apple and green tomato are responsible for inhibiting the activity of this protein (the study was published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry).

Indeed, scientists have conducted experiments on mice that received treatment based on ursolic acid and tomatidine. After some time, scientists have observed an increase in muscle mass (10%) and physical force (30%). The proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” finds its full meaning!

You can eat these foods every day, without moderation, to limit muscle loss related to age or to prevent this process. It is best to consume these raw and to enjoy all their health benefits. Apples and tomatoes are delicious foods to eat alone or in salads.

Warning: choose food from organic agriculture because they do not contain pesticides. Indeed, apples are fruits that have been subjected to the most chemical treatments in 2015! Be careful when selecting the fruit in order to be able to enjoy all its benefits.

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