Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Treats Cancer!

Vitamin B-17 is found in supplemental form as crushed apricot kernels and possibly in synthetic form in medical clinics, although this form is difficult to obtain in the United States.

Vitamin B17 is primarily used as an anti-cancer agent due to its cytotoxic properties. This vitamin is more commonly known as amygdalin and is extracted from the seed of the apricot fruit.

TheFood and Drug Administration, American Medical Association, American Cancer Society and have tried to stop people from organizing public meetings,writing books for the anticancer potential of vitamin B17.

The same was also with some medical practitioners that tried to save millions of lives with the help of these vitamins.

There was a case where a woman who usedvitamin B17 treatment and her cancer went into remission. But the cancer returned when she stopped taking the vitamin.

However scientific evidence does not support this claim for the synthetic form of the vitamin. Additionally, it is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration,

Her decision was to not to do a chemotherapy treatment but to try to cure the cancer with vitamin B17. In only 10 weeks of use, the effects were so excellent that her doctors were amazed!

The treatment that she took was 500mg of this vitamin two times a day and she managed to destroy the five malignant tumors and kept on living a healthy life without cancer.

The video bellow will provide more information:

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