Why Women In China Don’t Get Breast Cancer – VIDEO

This is a true story of how Professor Jane Plant beat breast cancer when she was only 42 years old. She is a wife a mother who did not gave up and changed her life with one goal to fight with all her strength this deadly disease even it hit her for a 4 time.

She wants to share her story with the rest of the word of how she changed her life completely starting from her diet and her way of living, that was what saved her.

Her husband, who is a scientist, when she was struggling with cancer disease, made a research and found out that women in China have a low risk of getting this disease, so he suggested her to change the method of treating the disease.

Here is the story of Jane, a breast-cancer survivor which method maybe is controversial but with high percent effective:

She kept wondering- what is the reason why Chinese women do not develop breast cancer and she tried to find by doing a lot of research with her husband about data which led them to the percentage of fats in diets.

And all of u sudden, they looked up each other and yelled: “The Chinese don’t eat dairy produce!”

They came up with this great discovery that they were trying so hard to successed. They knew that were right and they were shocked and pleased at the same time.

She then remembered that all of her friends did not eat any dairy products, milk, cheese etc.

Even babies were not fed with dairy products. Chinese try to lay low with any products from a cow and finding strange the obsession with dairies.

They believe that dairy products are the cause of many allergies and they have difficulty in digesting milk sugar lactose.

Jane, after this knowledge, when she turned the time back se was admitted to her that she ate a lot of dairies like yogurt, skimmed milk, and low-fat cheese and lean minced beef.

She than was using organic yogurts but she came to a conclusion that  the reason for developing ovarian cancer can be using any dairy products so she cut them completely.

But she discovered that there are plenty of products that we are using daily that contain dairy in some form like cakes, biscuits, commercial soups, soy, olive and sunflower oil margarine etc.

She was under chemotherapy for her cancer lumps, when she cut the dairy completely from her diet and she noticed that at first the lump in her neck was shrinking than become smaller and eventually disappeared after six weeks.

She then made an appointment to her doctor who was surprised that the lump on her neck was not here anymore and also skeptical of her way of treatment.

Jane has a strong believe that there is a connection between breast cancer and dairy products and that she is a living proof of that.

Extracted from Your Life in Your Hands, by Professor Jane Plant

Jane‘s experience is shown in this video where you can find every step of her fight with cancer.

 Share it with your beloved friends and family.

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