Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Wi-Fi is convenient but many have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that permeate everything around us. After a lot of research the results are clear and shocking — Wi-Fi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children.

Wireless routers – as well as Bluetooth and similar wireless systems – give off electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency.

The companies involved in Wi-Fi technology and services are working together to provide today’s Wi-Fi consumers with high-quality products and services that respect certain norms to ensure that Wi-Fi devices work with each other to deliver the best user experience possible.

Just like the wireless signals themselves, the electromagnetic fields can pass through walls.

However, the loop of these signals harms our health in a number of ways. Many health agencies conducted a study which showed that exposure of Wi-Fi waves damages our health and the growth also of the plants.

These are some of the results of the exposure:

  • Concentration issues
  • Earache
  • Frequent intense headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleep issues

In the modern world in which we live todaywe can’tstop the use of the modern technologies and we can’t suggest stopping using wireless devices, Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones.

The simple measures that you might take to protect your family:

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi programs before going to sleep.
  • Do not use cellphones while at home, in order to reduce the electromagnetic waves.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi when you don’t use it and when you sleepto prevent the electromagnetic waves which harm the growth of children.
  • Do not keep the router in your kitchen or bedroom.

Other included sources linked in Weekly Healthy Life’s article: tdhealthyfood.com

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