7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

The plank is, one of the best exercises, you can do for your core and spine support, thus resulting in proper body posture. However, first you will have to practice regularly so that you strengthen your core muscles, and then doing them correctly.

We shall present you with seven most crucial advantages of plank exercise:

  1. Better body posture– by practicing regularly you will improve your body posture, making it straight and stable because abdominal muscles are crucial for neck, back, chest and shoulders position.
  1. Improved metabolism – by practicing planks regularly the metabolism will improve thus burning more energy and fat. Also it will help in maintaining high metabolic rate during the day.
  1. Boosted Core Definition and Performance– while performing planks the most important muscles are used, thus making them stronger, by which they will bring various benefits:
  • Transverse Abdominis– it will enable you to enlarge the capacity of heavy weight lifting.
  • Rectus Adbominus– it will make jumping better and enables you to do six pack abs.
  • Oblique muscles– it will upgrade the capacity for side-bending and waist-twisting.
  • Glutes– by strengthening them you will gain strong and toned buttocks.
  1. The benefit of High FlexibilityWhile performing planking, you flexibility ison a high level, and multiple body parts are stretched, such as: the collarbone, the shoulders, the shoulder blades, arches, toes, and hamstrings. Furthermore, during stretching the toes, side planks employ the oblique muscles, which is important for easily supporting body weight.
  2. Enhanced Overall Balanceside planks also improve the body balance, and theoverall capacity for performing all kinds of exercises.
  3. Reduced Risk of back and spine injury By doing planks you considerably make the muscles stronger, and what is most important, there is no applied pressure on spine and hips. Your back is completely supported and the pain is gone.
  4. Mental Benefitsbelieve or not, it really does improve your mental health. It tones and stretches the muscles which contribute to tension and stress thus relaxing brain. This significantly contributes to alleviating depression and anxiety.

For all these reasons, try to spend only 5 to 10 minutes of your time for doing this remarkable exercise as there is nothing to lose, only to gain numerous health benefits, and of course better looking body.

Image source: neilarey.com
Image source: neilarey.com

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