Do You Suffer From Poor Circulation? Here It Is How To Solve The Problem In Only 30 Minutes!

Poor circulation is a health problem thatevery person suffers from, in certain period of life regardless of the gender, male or female. The capital reasons that cause poor circulation are weak nutrition and non active lifestyle.

Therefore, it is very important to have balanced and healthy diet, and regularly practice so that this health issue does not occur, as well as many others as everything in the body system is related to each other.

The consumption of unhealthy foods containing fats and other harmful constituents may suffocate blood vessels provoking many other health issues. Likewise, if the blood body system is clogged for a longer period of time, it may provoke quite serious number of illnesses.

So, in order to avoid all these numerous health disorders, you need to practice, thus securing proper blood circulation. However, you must not forget to consume proper diet, as the results won’t be the same if only physical activity is introduced to your lifestyle, be aware that they go together for best results.

Here below, are the recommended exercises:

  1. Stretching

Stretching is necessary before you start any exercising;every muscle needs to be properly stretched out. By stretching your muscles will be heated and well prepared before you start any exercise, thus preventing any unwanted injuries, and likewise improving your blood circulation.

  1. Neck Exercise

Begin this exercise by moving your head slowly. First, turn your head to the right shoulder and hold that position for several seconds. Go back to original posture, and then repeat the turn to your left shoulder. Then, start moving your head up and down, slowly and carefully. Perform this exercise ten times.

  1. Hands and Fingers

It is a simple exercise as all you have to do is to stretch your hands and fingers as much as possible. You end the exercise by slowly forming a fist. In order to get best results and avoid cramps, you have to do it 10 times.

  1. Push-Ups

For better results, push-ups should be done early in the morning on an empty stomach. Try to do 10 push-ups by which you will provoke blood circulation in your arms.

  1. Hiking

Only three hikes per week are necessary to improve blood circulation, even mildest ones.Therefore, try to perform this every week and your blood flow will be in good order, especially the one in your legs.

  1. Dance

Dancing is always a pleasant exercise as it is good for stress relief and keeps you physically active. You can dance as much as you want, and move however you like. The general idea is to move as much as possible.

In order to perform all these exercises you will need only 30 minutes a day. Start from today, and gain all their health benefits.


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