Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

No matter how tasty hot dogs are, no matter how much kids love to eat them stop consuming them right now. This is strict doctor’s advice as there are many reasons why.

Regardless the fact that this is favourite American food, served on every possible event, and in a way,it is an American custom, please do not consume them. There is even interesting fact, when 4th of July is celebrated, Americans consume more than 155 million hot dogs, which is unbelievable.

The scientific researches regarding in what way, consuming hot dogs may affect our health, are frightening. It was proven that if your children eat more than a dozen hot dogs in a month, the risk of the deadly disease leukemia is increased by 5 percent. The newborn baby has an increased risk of cancer, if its father ate frequently hot dogs before conceiving. Furthermore, if the mother of the newborn baby, in her pregnancy, ate more than 1 hot dog a week, there is an increased risk that her child will get a brain tumor.

The main culprits in the hot dogs are the nitrite additives, which are included in their production so that botulism is prevented. These nitrites with the amines in the meat createan extremely dangerous cancer-causing compound, called N-nitroso. This dangerous compound is formed while the hot dogs are cooked.

Therefore, please try not to eat them or if you are addicted to them reduce their take in. You can consume those ones which are nitrite-free, and these ones offer to your precious children.

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