Lemon Peel Can Save You From Chronic Joint Pain

We have all heard about how beneficial is lemon juice, but there is more to this fruit, and that is the lemon peel and the lemon leaves.

However, let us revise why lemon is so crucial for our diet. Worldwide is one of the oldest grown fruit already proven to be great health treatment. It is abundant with vitamin A, C, B1, B6, calcium, folic acid, pectin, phosphorus, bioflavonoids, magnesium, potassium. Due to its richness with all these constituents it can prevent numerousailments and diseases, enhance the immune system, positively affect liver, stomach, and intestine.

If you are pregnant, and suffer from morning sickness just squeeze some lemon juice in the water or tea in the morning, and it will efficiently treat nausea and as well as your stomach.

Furthermore, lemon has powerful anti-inflammatory properties thus effectively alleviating nerve pain. Likewise, as a result of the lemon essential oils, blood vessels become relax.

Don’t throw away lemon leaves as they efficiently treat fever, due to their powerful antiseptic properties.

Moreover, lemon considerably soothes joint pain, especially chronic pain, and for that reason lemon peel is used. There are two ways how to use lemon peel in order to reduce joint pain:

  1. The first one is quick and easy, just grate the lemon rind, but without the white layer, and apply it to the affected area. Secure it with a bandage and let it stay for 2 hours.
  2. The second one is easy to prepare, but you have to wait two weeks to use it. You will need two lemons, grate their rind, and put the peels in a glass jar, now, pour some olive oil over them. Close the jar and let it stay for 2 weeks. When the time is up, the lemon oil will be ready for use. Then pour some of it on gauze and put it on the painful area. Secure it with a bandage, and let it act during the night.

Therefore, next time when you use lemons, also use the peel and prepare yourself this joint pain remedy.

Source: finelivingadvice.com


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