Doctors Don’t Believe She Managed to Cure Phase 4 Cancer by Only Eating This!

When doctors told her that she had only five years to live because of thyroid cancer, Candice Marie Fox, former supermodel, 31, was devastated. Refusing chemotherapy, she followed a natural treatment that was to eat … 3 pineapples per day! Miraculous: the young woman managed to cure phase 4 cancer in just 6 months. Here are some insights into this spectacular recovery.

Doctors Dont Believe She Managed to Cure Phase 4 Cancer by Only Eating This

Thyroid Cancer: A Rare Case of Cancer

When the axe felt and she learned that she has a thyroid cancer at an advanced stage, Candice Marie Fox refuses to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Indeed, two of her relatives have died, so she decides not to use it and to find other means to fight the disease on her own. It was from that moment that she begins to consume three pineapples a day but also lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, apples and papaya.

Bromelain: an enzyme that kills cancer cells!

Kiwi, papaya and pineapple in particular contain bromelain, an enzyme found in the stem and root of the pineapple and which was a subject of much scientific research demonstrating its effectiveness for all prevention and treatment of certain cancers. Bromelain accelerates metabolism and degrades the protein molecules that facilitate their elimination: polyps, nodules, warts, etc. Bromelain also allows action on malignant tumors in fighting against cancer cells. They are surrounded by a mucoid substance that prevents healthy cells to fight against the tumor. Consequence: bromelain destroyed this mucoid substance to support the action of the antibodies.

One of the first studies that reported on the efficacy of bromelain to cure diseases and malignant tumors was in the early 1970s. Researchers had noticed a disappearance of tumors and a significant reduction in metastasis. Bromelain kills cancer cells and spares the normal cells.

A Woman Managed to Cure Phase 4 Thyroid Cancer In Just 6 Months!

The young woman began to gather information on cancers and diseases… When she discovered that pineapple, papaya and kiwi fruit are rich in bromelain, she decides to eat them every day. Her diet was composed mainly of fruits… But why focus on fruits? The animal protein in the diet feed the cancer cells, and she found out that when she ate meat, her energy was further mobilized to digest the food rather than to fight against the disease.

Changes in Lifestyle Were Also Involved in the Healing Process

Candice Marie Fox has also made some changes to his lifestyle by stopping smoking, eating meat, drinking alcohol, using cosmetics and cleaning products, rich in toxic ingredients. Another important fact: she reduced the stress, promoted good mental health and give a chance for healing by learning meditation. Her health gradually improved. After six months, the doctors confirmed that she had beaten the cancer almost completely.
Today, Candice Marie Fox is very grateful to have had this cancer, which made her “the person she must be.”

According to her oncologist, the battle of the young woman with the disease is exemplary because it showed courage and determination in each step. In fact, most people with this cancer have a poor quality of life, poor diet, lack of exercise… Factors that contribute to worsening of the state of the disease.

While we cannot formally establish that the fruits have helped this young woman to cure her cancer at an advanced stage, it is nevertheless clear that this particular regime favored conditions to prevent the proliferation of the tumor and accelerated the healing process.


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