A Powerful Natural Recipe to Get Rid of Blackheads

You’re one of those people who do not know what to do to get rid of blackheads? Here is a natural recipe to overcome your skin problems, and requires only three ingredients: honey, lemon and sugar.

 A Powerful Natural Recipe to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads: a vicious circle difficult to break!

Most have oily skin that is prone to blackheads, that then spoil the skin of the face. And those unsightly pimples can even become a source of complex! They arise when pores clogged due to a lack of hygiene of the skin. Why? The air (dirty) will oxidize the top layer of the epidermis that consists of thousands of pores, causing darkening and thus creating the blackhead. Indeed, each pore contains a hair follicle and sebaceous gland which will remove the sebum (a naturally produced by the skin oil). If you do not take care of your skin, the sebum production will increase, which will lead to a proliferation of blackheads.

The T-zone of your face is considered the fattiest; it concentrates most of blackheads on the face (between the eyebrows and chin).

Here is a natural recipe with 3 ingredients that will help you get rid of blackheads:

Apart from cosmetics often costly and inefficient to tackle blackheads, there are also natural homemade recipes that are very effective in treating oily skin, if these tips are correctly applied.


Sugar, lemon and honey!

How to prepare the mask?

First, cut the lemon in half, pour some honey on one half and sprinkle with a little sugar (brown sugar preferably). Then take half the lemon and rub the area T. Massage for a few minutes and then let the mixture stand for 20 minutes before rinsing your face. Note that the lemon is photo-sensitizing and you need to avoid sun exposure after this procedure.

By this action, you will cleanse and exfoliate the pores. Your skin will be cleansed and purified, and most of your blackheads will be removed.


What are the benefits of this beauty recipe?

Honey is a natural antiseptic that cleanses and moisturizes the skin naturally. The lemon cleanses pores through its disinfectant properties that will promote the elimination of sebum and thus tighten pores. The lemon will also accelerate drying of blackheads and promote healing of pimples. Finally, the sugar will clean the skin by removing dead cells and completing the cleansing action of honey and lemon.

Important note: Practice this trick in moderation (1 to 2 times per month). This remedy is a natural lightening of the skin and natural peeling for the skin, so you if you repeat this procedure very often it will damage the skin.

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