28-day Planking Challenge: It Will Completely Change Your Body!

You all heard about planks, and how good they are for your body. In this article we will present you how to transform your body just in four minutes, only by practicing planks. We call this the 28-day Plank Challenge, for that period of time you will gradually train your body thus accomplishing body strength and endurance. The outcomes will be more than amazing, just continue to read this article.

The 28-day Plank Challenge

This challenge has to be finished in four weeks. When you first start this challenge, the planks should last only for twenty seconds. As time passes your endurance will be on higher level thus performing planking for four minutes, this period of time will be fulfilled in the last days of this challenge. Now, all you have to do is to follow this plan:

Day 1 20 seconds
Day 2 20 seconds
Day 3 30 seconds
Day 4 30 seconds
Day 5 40 seconds
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 45 seconds
Day 8 45 seconds
Day 91  Minute
Day 10  1  Minute
Day 11
  1 Minute
Day 12 90 seconds
Day 13 
Day 14   90 seconds
Day 15 
90 seconds
Day 16120 seconds
Day 17   120 seconds
Day 18 150 seconds
Day 19 Rest
Day 20 150 seconds
Day 21   150 seconds
Day 22 180 seconds
Day 23   180 seconds
Day 24 210 seconds
Day 25 Rest
Day 26 210 seconds
Day 27 240 seconds
Day 28 Till failure

Properly done plank exercise

In order for this challenge to be 100 percent successful, you have to perform plank position properly, this is how you should do it:

  1. Proper arms position is a must, that is, your elbows have to be directly under the shoulders so that it secures right weight circulation.
  2. The spinal column must stay straight. Do not round out your spine and put unneeded pressure on your neck and back.
  3. Your core must be tightened so that it takes all benefits of this exercise.
  4. Position your legs a little spread out, and keep them like that. Be aware of your hip location, there shouldn’t be any added pressure. Now, adjust the range between your feet as required.
  5. The breathing should be slow and planned so that the core is completely employed and the body relaxed.

What does planking to my body?

You may ask yourself why so much attention on planking when is just a simple exercise. What does this 28 day planking challenge do when actually it does not appear to be a full-body exercise? Here below are all the body benefits of this exercise:

  1. Tones and tightens your stomach. As mentioned before, the core is engaged to stabilize your body and execute the physical demands so that a proper planking position is secured. Therefore, abdominal muscles are employed throughout this workout, and as a result of this eventually the muscles tone and tighten up so that you acquire a perfect stomach.
  2. Contribute to good posture.Since abdominal muscles are used throughout this workout, they simultaneously provide you with good balance and stability. Eventually, you will have a straight posture and achieve a broader range of motion.
  3. Enhances flexibility.While performing this exercise your flexibility will improve as back and shoulder muscles are employed in the plank position. The shoulder blades will stretch, thus providing better variety of motion.


So, even though, it seems quite simple, this challenge will provide you with amazing results, and because of its simplicity you will be more willing to try it. Watch the video for overall view, and share it with your friends commenting on how each one of you is progressing.


Sources: womendailymagazine.com

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