Rick Simpson – The Man That Cured 5000 People From Cancer! Here’s His Recipe! VIDEO

Even though, it has been banned for years, you have all heard how beneficially health wise cannabis oil can be. This article will prove this fact once again. Historically, cannabis oil was used for centuries as a medical treatment, but in second half of the 20th century was banned by demand of William Randolph Hearst.

Like every pharmaceuticalproductthat thrives for its place on the market, W.R.Hearst was trying to introduce his own which will be more profitable. That is why; it was introducedDupont’snew chemical bonding procedure using wood pulp over the amazing hemp. This decision was assisted by his Congress friends.

Nevertheless, in 2002, Rick Simpson, a mechanical engineer and self-taught medical professional, was diagnosed with skin cancer. Having this deadly diagnosis, he managed to extract oil from cannabis, and started to use it as a cancer treatment. It did not treat only skin cancer, but as well as various illnesses and even neurological disorders in children. Rick Simpson’s oil managed to cure over 5,000 patients diagnosed with cancer.

Follow his web to get more info how to use it. You will see in this video below how to make your very own hemp oil. However, Rick himself does not advise you to do it by yourself, because of several liability reasons, but according to him this is the only proper method for making hemp oil.

Also, check the second video, where Chef Derek Butt tries to make a little batch of hemp oil, by using Rick Simpson’s recipe.

 Source: goodmorningcenter.com

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