Here’s How to Get To Sleep in Less Than 10 Minutes with This Chinese Recipe

Insomnia is not a fatality! Here’s a recipe for herbal tea from Chinese medicine, which will make you sleep within 10 minutes. Here’s how.

 Heres How to Get To Sleep in Less Than 10 Minutes with This Chinese Recipe

Insomnia: a very common sleep disorder

Insomnia is a disorder that affects many people: it results in a difficulty getting to sleep or sleeping enough, so that this disorder can affect your daily mood and your everyday activities. The consequences of lack of sleep are: lack of concentration (work), drowsiness, irritability, etc. There are two types of insomnia: the temporary insomnia (related to a specific situation and is a source of stress) and chronic insomnia characterized by great difficulty to fall asleep for several nights a week.

Traditional Chinese medicine can treat insomnia

To treat sleep disorders, the Chinese use a very old herbal tea recipe and medicinal plants, following the traditional oriental medicine. With this method, you’ll say goodbye to insomnia and find a peaceful and restful sleep!

Traditional Chinese medicine is very effective in treatment of many diseases and types of ailments. What is the key to this success? This medicine is based on a wide knowledge of plants which play a vital role in the healing process.

Here is a tea recipe for better quality of your sleep

This tea has great effect to make you sleep better. It will not only make you naturally fall asleep but also improve overall health by strengthening of your immunity.

What ingredients do you need to prepare this tea?


  • a bit of dry lavender
  • fresh organic tangerine zest
  • dried Valerian
  • dried chamomile


Just crush all the ingredients and mix them together. Then in a cup of boiling water, put a tablespoon of this mixture, stir and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Your drink is ready for tasting.

Note: It is important to use freshly peeled tangerine peel and to wash the fruit before use so that the skin retains its qualities.

Drink this tea before bed (preferably one hour before going to sleep).

Benefits of the ingredients:


Used since ancient times for its cleansing properties (from the Latin word meaning to purify lavare), lavender is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has soothing and calming qualities, because of its pleasant fragrance. Moreover, the essential oil of lavender is often used as an anxiolytic (in the bath water, on the pillow or a perfume diffuser) and promotes relaxation.


In ancient times, the Greeks used to treat sleep disorders. Its medicinal properties are concentrated in the root. Valerian was the subject of many scientific researches (World Health Organization) that have demonstrated its health benefits: it reduces nervousness, stress and even regulates sleep.


Chamomile is a component of many grandmothers’ recipes aimed to improve sleep and reduce agitation before sleeping. This is a very natural and healthy alternative to the usual sleeping pills (which can be addictive). It has sedative effects because of the active substance in chamomile: apigenin.

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