The New Toothpaste: A Revolutionary Invention That Leaves Doctors Without Work!

This toothpaste is a remarkable invention, invented byJapanese researcher, Kazue Yamagishi. It is a paste that has the ability to restore health of your teeth to their initial condition. Basically, it fills all holes and cracks in the teeth and recuperates the tooth enamel.

The paste is in liquid condition, but its structure resembles like the tooth enamel. It is applied with a toothbrush on the affected tooth area. Then, the acid included in the paste dissolves the surface of the tooth. After three minutes the paste starts to crystallize and integrates into the structure of natural enamel.

The formula of this revolutionary toothpaste was acquired after numerous experiments using hydroxylapatite, also known as crystalline calcium phosphate, which is the main component of the tooth.

Moreover, many experiments were conducted by the Japanese dental practitioners, which have confirmed that this toothpaste treatment is the same as the healthy one. No differences could be found even under a microscope.

It is really amazing, once for all, to save ourselves from constant visits to the dentist’s office.


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