Confirmed By Thousands Of People: The Recipe For Natural Removal Of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days!

Fatty tissue (lipoma) is a benign tumor of fat that usually appearson the head, neck, armpits or arms at any age, usually associated with genetics. Lipoma is non-threatening tumor, but nonetheless, a nuisance one, that you want to eliminate immediately. It can appear all over the body, but typically for persons in age range of fourties to sixties it can occur on certain specific places. Likewise, more than one can appear on your body.

There isn’t scientifically proven reason why these benign tumors appear, however they can be related to high blood cholesterol and obesity.

People suffering from lipoma quite often undergo medical surgeries in order to eliminate them; however this is not always 100 percent effective. Not to say painful, time consuming and expensive. Even though, your physician recommends a surgical or laser removal, try something which is more natural. On the market exist many drugs which might be damaging to your health, they may be effective, but with numerous side effects. Moreover, all these procedures and treatments are not a guarantee that the lipoma will not occur again.

Therefore, please read the following soup recipe which is harmless and natural thus solving your lipoma issue. It is quick and easy to make, mix only equal parts of honey and flour. Skin specialists also recommend this recipe.

Natural treatment of Lipoma

The only ingredients are honey and flour. The mixture is done in equal parts of these two ingredients, preferably use honey with darker colour and whole grain flour.  When the mix is done you can apply it on the affected area. The density layer should be 5 to 10mm, then cover it with a patch and leave it to compress for 36 hours. After 36 hours, wash it and apply new freshly made mixture. Use this remedy 5 times in a row or for period of time of 8 days. After eight days you will notice dissolution of the affected tissue.

The reason why it works

This natural remedy of honey and flour is highly efficient due to the anti-inflammatory properties, and as well as promotes blood and lymph circulation. It is great remedy for external injures and sores which was proven in one research study of 59 cases where in two years they did not have successful treatment, but with the use of honey the treatment showed results in just about seven days.

Extra Lipoma tips

  • Try not to consume foods with preservatives, additives and pesticides; also try to avoid as much as possiblemeat, white flour, milk and dairy products.
  • Completely eliminate from your diet saturated fats and refined oils.
  • Detoxify your body in order to make it a good base for lipoma treatment.
  • Natural spices, such as, chicory, papaya, pomegranate, okra, psyllium, chickweed, sage, mandarin and turmeric can take a significant role in decomposing fats and eliminating toxic substances.
  • Preferably, in the morning, drink half a lemon juice as it promotes liver function and detoxifies the body.
  • Improve your diet with healthy nutrients, and try to consume more sprouts.
  • Omega– 3 fatty acids are essential in your diet as they assist in dissolving fat tissue and as well as preventing its development.


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