No Need To Use Q-Tips Anymore: This Doctor Discovered An Ingenious Trick For Cleaning Ears!

Everybody use cotton buds for cleaning their ears as that is the quickest and easiest cleaning process. However, it was proven that cleaning with Q-tips can do more damage than proper ear cleaning, therefore is recommended to avoid this cleaning process. For instance, Q-tips are pushing the earwax deeper in the ear thus causing inflammation and blockage.

There are other ways like softening the earwax with oil drops. Also the mixture of alcohol and vinegar helps if you are dealing with a severe case.

A well-known American pediatrician, Dr. David Hill, advises that there are easier approaches in cleaning your ear, not with forcible methods, but with a simple one that we have in our cupboards.

In order to soften larger clusters of hardened wax you need oil, either mineral one or baby oil, however do not use grease. First you soak a cotton pad in the oil and put it in the ear without pressure. Then you start to shake your head so that the wax moves to the outside channel. You need to wait couple of minutes, and then put 2 drops of oil in the ear.

If this is not successful, then use a homemade solution of equal parts of white vinegar and medical alcohol, then put the mixture in pharmaceutical injection or syringe, and rinse the ear.



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