This Juice Successfully Kills Cancer Cells, Treat Diabetes, Gastritis And Lowers Blood Pressure!

It is not known as a fact that the simplest vegetable like potato can have numerous health advantages, and that it has even the ability to treat diabetes, cancer, gastritis, hypertension, and as well as other diseases. All these benefits are contained in potato juice.

There is a big misconception that it cannot be consumed raw, on the contrary it can and it will provide you with many health benefits.

Likewise, we consider the potato shell quite poisonous and we never use unpeeled potatoes, however this is wrong provided that we use organic potatoes. The shell of immature potatoes with green skin is dangerous, and that one shouldn’t be used due to Solana toxin that exists in germ and green parts of potatoes.

Potato Juice used as a Cure

Potato juice can be used for many diseases, and this was scientifically proven by many experts. It is very beneficial for gastritis treatment by only consuming one tablespoon of potato juice dissolved with little water. The best way to consume it is half an hour before breakfast, lunch and supper.When duodenal and stomach are treated, the recommended consumption is half deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach, and then half deciliter half an hour before lunch and supper.

Besides these treatments, experts claim that is useful for reducing high blood sugar levels, also for treating lung and respiratory diseases, and even so for emphysema.

It can also treat cancer and other perilous diseases, according toBuddhist monk Tomizawa, author of the book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear,” just by daily consumption of half a pint of potato juice can assist in treating cancer and other major diseases.
Slowly, but surely this fact is confirmed by many researchers.

Another well-known scientist Kagamine, Professor of Medicine University of Akita (Japan), has managed to separate the substance of raw potatoes, which proved to reduce development of tumor cells in mousses.The results of this research study were presented in the International Congress for the fight against cancer, which was held in Germany.

Potato Juice Used As Various Treatments

There are still more treatment uses of potato juice: nowadays is frequently used as a fighting tool against kidney and liver diseases, then in cases of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism,lumbago,  and so on.
By drinking potato juice you can also strengthen the immune system, and reduce frequent headaches and menstrual pain.
If you are feeling exhausted you can easily prepare a juice made of a medium-sized potato, carrots and apples, and consume it in the morning and evening, every day. After two weeks you will restore your good health.

Here is the recipe for this amazing juice, which is quite simple:

Potato Juice Recipe

  • First, clean the potatoes thus removing the crust and green parts of the crust.
  • Then cut it into thin slices and put in the juicer.
  • It is important to consume it fresh, and if you want to improve its taste you can mix it with vegetables and fruit, likecarrots and apples, lemon juice and honey.

Potato Juice Benefits:

  • Enhances immunity
  • Fights cancer
  • Skin diseases treatment
  • Contaminants cleansing
  • Assists in treating gastritis and other stomach issues
  • Helps in kidney and liver condition
  • Prevents heart disease
  • It reduces blood sugar level

Apart from the fact that shell potatoes are remarkable source of nutrients, it also contributes to thebody cleansing. Likewise if you consume raw unpeeled potatoes your body will gain many crucial ingredients likepotassium, iron, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins C and B6, magnesium and zinc.

One raw potato with a medium size of 150 grams is 27 mg of vitamin C, which is 45% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. However, this value is lost when potatoes are cooked which is a real shame.

Due to its antibacterial properties, the potato is great skin cleaner, and it contains high percentage of vitamin C and starch, thus nourishing the skin and prevents from aging. You can grind it and use it as a face mask, the result would be clean and tight skin. Therefore, the potato is highly efficient in skin treatment, thus providing you with clean and radiant complexion, without acne and blackheads.

Among other things, it is really effective in the fight against cellulite; you should use slices of potato and regularly rub crucial areas.


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