10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo– New Study Reveals The True Powers Of Ginger!

Ginger is an extraordinary root with remarkable properties that assist in many deadly illnesses such as cancer. There is also another spice with similar properties which in a way can be related to ginger, and that is turmeric. These two spices are so similar in their health advantages that were even proven by many researches.

Furthermore, many experts have proven that these two spices are more efficient treatment than the regular medicines administrated when such deadly illness occurs. It is a common fact that sometimes patients who suffer from cancer may not lose their life of the disease itself, but of the harmful side effects from the regular drugs that are used in treating this disease. Therefore, it is always much better to start using natural medicines as they cannot do any harm to your body system.

A study was performed at Georgia State University where the examined subjects were mice, and the given results were that whole ginger extract reduced the size of prostate tumor by amazing 56 percent. Likewise, the amount of inflammation was subdued and the mice were supplied with anti-oxidants.

Also another study was performed in PLoS thus discovering that a part of ginger known as 6-shogaol has incredible anti-cancer properties, even more efficient than the standard chemo therapy, especially referred to breast cancer as it is powerful in attacking breast cancer stem cells. These cells are known as mother cells that are responsible for occurrence of various types of cancer besides the breast cancer.

They form versatile daughter cell types which are part of the growth nest. Even though, these cells are 2 to 1 percent of the tumor cell makeup, they seem never ceasing. This means they are capable of constant renewal and differentiation. Thusly, they are resistant to chemo agents and capable for multiplication and creation of new cancer colonies. The cancer stem cells existing in the tumor must be eliminated, and only in that way you can be sure that the cancer is eliminated.

It is a known fact that chemo therapy kills not only cancer cells but as well as the healthy ones which is not the case with 6-shogaol where only cancer cells are killed. When breast cancer is concerned, it affects the cell cycle, thus eliminating the cancer cells. Even more it prevents formation of breast cancer lumps.

 Source: universeofnature.com

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