Do You Have High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems Avoid These 15 Foods at All Costs!

It has always been said that what we eat is what our body is. Therefore, healthy diet is a must if we want to maintain our overall health. Unhealthy diet can only damage your health especially our main body organ, the heart and weakens the blood circulation vessels.

Due to consumption of large amounts of sodium your health will be impaired thus provoking serious health issues. That is why you should avoid consuming following fifteen foods:

  1. SugarWe all like sugar but it is really harmful to your body, specifically the artificial one which can trigger heart problems and cause severe hypertension issues.
  2. DoughnutsExtremely tasty, but as well as extremely rich in calories. One doughnut has 200 calories and 12 grams of fat.
  3. Table Salt – Do not use excessive amounts of salt in your diet, it can easily provokecirculation issues. Likewise, as a result of too much salt in your body you retain water from the organism and you put yourselves to danger of causing heart, kidneys and brain health problems.
  4. Red MeatActually everything that contains grease and that it is derived from red meat can trigger heart issues and weakens the veins circulation. Reduce junk food intake and foods which are trans-fats based.
  5. Processed Meat – Do not consume processed meat meal products like bacon, frankfurter, bologna, wieners, avoid hamburgers or any other pre prepared meats as they are the main cause for many health issues. If you want to have healthy heart and no hypertension stay away from all processed food, and start to consume low-salt meat like turkey bosom, and chicken.
  6. Canned Chicken Noodle SoupWe all love them, but since it is canned it is full with sodium which is one the main causes of heart diseases. Namely, one bowl of this soup contains 800mg sodium.
  7. Canned Biscuits – Canned biscuits contain processed substances and the seasoning is overdone. It is very important to check the labels before buying them, if they contain hydrogenated oils do not buy them. Likewise, be aware of the sodium content.
  8. Ramen Noodles – Amazingly enough, one bundle of Ramen noodles contains 14 grams of fat and incredible 1580mg of sodium.
  9. Frozen Pot PiesThese delicious sweet pies contain approximately 1300-1400mg of sodium and approx. 35 g of fat.Avoid these desserts because their content o f sodium and fat are above allowed daily limit intake.
  10. Fast Food French FriesChildren mainly adore them, but an average portion of French fries has 19 grams of fat and 270 mg of sodium.
  11. Pizza– Any type of pizza has high levels of sodium, certified by The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which are excessively damaging for your health. Particularly, when substitute meat and cheddar pizzas are concerned.
  12. Margarine – Nowadays, margarine use is widely spread, but in order to be prepared it requires high temperature, that is why it contains nickel, platinum and aluminum. Avoid consuming it as it is really unhealthy.
  13. Pop / SodaThey contain enormous amounts of artificial sugar which is proven by a conducted study at The America Heart Association Diary Circulation. Because of that, sugar content they can create hypertension.
  14. LiquorA research was conducted in South Korea where it was proven that alcohol causes hypertension and it is the main culprit for the mortality among the wider population. Likewise, various studies have already confirmed that alcohol reduces blood supply levels.
  15. Pickles – They are low in calories, but unfortunately rich in sodium. Only one medium-sized pickle has around 570 mg of sodium, and the allowed daily dose of sodium is 2300mg. So, just imagine what several pickles can do to your body.

Here below, are foods that really assist in your overall health.

Foodsthat assist inlowering elevated blood pressureusually are foods that are high in fiber. Here are the natural products that can help you decrease hypertension: veggies, grain oats, beans, peas, rice, pasta, and breads. Consuming them you will have a healthy diet due to the fact that they are full with minerals and vitamins. Also they give you the notion of fullness thus preventing excess weight.

Fruits and Veggiesprovided that they are organic, they will contain potassium, and your hypertension issues will be gone. These and also any natural product reduce sodium levels, and take good care of your body. Those foods are: spinach, lima beans, sweet potatoes (they can be either squashed or prepared), tomatoes, bananas, and oranges (as well as squeezed ones).

Spices and HerbsAdding salt to your dishes is really a bad unhealthy habit, instead of doing that add healthy herbs and recommended spices to flavor your meals.  You can add basil along with mixed greens. Then, you can also use oregano, thyme, sage, and rosemary.



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