Top 10 Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain Quickly!

Sciatica is leg pain caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back. Although the pangs begin in nerve roots located on either side of the lower spine, they then course through the sciatic nerve, which runs the length of each leg from the buttock down to the foot.

There are plenty of methods how to treat this condition, but they are usually not effective in a long period of time.

Here are some remedies and exercise that can help you get rid of the pain in about 6 weeks.

Here are 10 home remedies for sciatica nerve pain

  1. Massage

Massage therapy helps alleviate sciatic nerve pain in 2 ways:

  • Tight lower back muscles can place stress on your nerve roots. Massage therapy loosens these muscles and helps prevent pinching or irritation.
  • A massage encourages the release of pain-fighting endorphins—this can provide temporary relief from symptoms like the throbbing pain in your foot or the burning sensation in your leg.
  1. Hot or cold compresses

You can also alternate heat and cold, starting with the hot compress and ending with the cold compress. When using heat, use moist heat like a steamed towel as it is more effective.

  1. Place a hot or cold pack on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Do this every few hours until you get relief.

Note: Do not use cold compresses if you have circulatory problems.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has received a lot of play lately for its anti-inflammatory benefits. But its record in natural health is long -standing.

Thanks to harnessing anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can help relieve sciatica pain and swelling by lowering levels of certain inflammation-fueling enzymes.

Ingest it as a tea, use it in your cooking, or even apply it topically in a paste for the best benefits.

Note: You should consult your doctor if you have diabetes and if you take medication for blood thinners.

  1. Capsaicin cream

 Capsaicin works by first stimulating and then decreasing the intensity of pain signals in the body. Although pain may at first increase, it usually decreases after the first use.

Capsaicin stimulates the release of a compound believed to be involved in communicating pain between the nerves in the spinal cord and other parts of the body.

  1. Exercises

Take your left leg and place your ankle against the knee. Hold the position for a moment before changing legs. This helps stretch the tiny piriformis muscle, which sometimes becomes inflamed and presses against the sciatic nerve causing pain. Repeat by switching sides and doing the same exercise with the other leg.

  1. Valerian root

 It is very effective in reducing sciatica pain caused by a muscle spasm. The oils in the root help relax the muscles and reduce tension. You may take valerian root supplements (150mg 3 times a day for couple of weeks) but consult your doctor first. You may also drink valerian tea. Just boil a cup of hot water and add 1 tsp of dried valerian root. Let it steep for 10 minutes and consume it few times per week for couple of days.

  1. Acupuncture

With acupuncture as an old Japanese medicine you can stimulate certain points on order to get a pain relieve because they are related with nervous system.

  1. Spinal manipulation

The chiropractic spinal manipulation includes a variety of techniques involving rapid and short thrusts which can soothe the nerve irritation that causes the inflammation and other sciatica symptoms.

  1. Fenugreek seeds

Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in some water overnight. In the morning consume the seeds along with water. Regular use will soon relieve you of the pain and inflammation and enable you to go about your work effortlessly.

10. White willow bark

The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of willow bark (Salix alba) are so powerful that it is sometimes referred to as “nature’s aspirin.” Use it as a pain killer.


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