Do Not Drink Your Coffee On An Empty Stomach! It Can Be Very Harmful To Your Body!

Coffee! Most of us desperately need it in the morning. Even though, coffee is beneficial for your body, try not to drink it early in the morning as your first drink. Follow reading, and see the given explanation why it is not good for your health to drink it on an empty stomach.

Stomach acids exist in your stomach so that the consumed food is digested. However, if the stomach is empty, with no consumed food in it, drinking coffee will cause acidic environment due to the acids contained in it. This acidic environment is only a good base for forming cancer cells.

Dehydrationoccurs as a result of drinking coffee on an empty stomach. It means the amount of fluids will be increased thus provoking dehydration. Like any American the moment you feel dehydrated you instinctively take another cup of coffee making things even worse.

Anxiety can appear if you consume your coffee on an empty stomach as you are lowering brain’s ability to produce “the calm hormone”, called serotonin. If the brain cannot properly produce this hormone, it triggers anxiety and depression.On top of this, if you are having and extra cup of coffee you will provoke more anxiety by enhancing your body’s cortisol and adrenaline levels.

As a result of this you will feel anxious, weak and tense.

Loss of appetite, it may sound beneficial for you but do not practice drinking coffee on an empty stomach as mentioned before. It is true that your organism will adjust of not consuming food in the morning and you will start to lose weight. However, the damage that it can be done to your body is much higher than the benefit of losing weight. You can practice this only during the day, but not in the morning, and don’t forget breakfast is the crucial meal in the day.



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