Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and you should never avoid it. Even if you are in the process of some weight loss programme, by no means should you skip it, but you need to replace it with healthy breakfast consisted of healthy ingredients. A research study was conducted, in 2008, stating in order to eliminate abdominal fat you need only to eat eggs.

Breakfast should be rich in proteins thus giving you the feeling of fullness, and you will not feel hunger until lunch time. Hence the food that you consume at lunch will be less rather than if the breakfast is omitted. Any expert will confirm you that you have to consume at least 20gr of proteins for breakfast meal. Eggs are highly recommended for breakfast as they are rich in proteins, namely only one egg contains 6 to 7gr proteins.

Practical snack replacement is eating one hard-boiled egg. Whenever you feel craving for food or some kind of snack before proper meal time, consume one egg as it is low in calories and it will satiate your hunger. Likewise, the hard-boiled egg is a healthy treat and the preparing of it is no time consuming.

Additional advice:
We advise you a perfect combination for your first meal, and that is, one apple and one hard-boiled egg. Both of them are consisted of around 160 calories. This meal will provide you with fullness, and you will not feel any need for the easily available junk and processed foods which contain high amounts of sugar.


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