OREGANO OIL: One Of The Most Effective Antibiotics Known To Science!

Oregano is not only an herb, but it also can be used as an antibiotic substitute, specifically oregano oil. So, if you are persistent user of antibiotics you can change this only by using some of the items in your kitchen cupboards like oregano oil. This is a great alternative instead of using antibiotics with their negative side effects.

Follow reading and you will see all other benefits of oregano oil:

  1. The ultimate natural antibiotic substitute – It fights against infection and bacteria.
  2. Allergy Soother – It is quite useful when allergies occur due to its soothing properties. It has the ability to calm hypersensitivity of allergic reactions which provides you with immediate relief. Therefore if you want to evade medications’ side effects, use oregano oil as an alternative.
  3. Healing Agent – Due to the chemicals contained in the oregano oil it has the function of a healing agent. They have numerous properties, such as, anesthetic, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, and antifungal.
  4. Boosts Your Immune System – As a result of the numerous health benefits it enhances the immune system. Likewise, when you start to feeling sick you can use oregano oil for strengthening your immune system. Just drip 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil in an empty capsule and take it before meals, 2 to 3 times on a daily basis. It will surely help you with the cold.
  5. Assists in Good Digestion – Proper work of the digestive system is crucial for the entire body.Oregano oil is extremely helpful when gastrointestinal disorders occur. It sorts out heartburn, bloating, and clears your gut. Likewise, it stops buildup and incites the bile flow into the digestion organs. Thusly, it is of great assistance to the gastrointestinal process.
  6. Provides Graceful Aging – Oregano oil is great antioxidant with an ability to fight against oxidation impacts and free radicals which are the main reason for aging. We cannot stop the process of aging, but with using oregano oil we can reduce its signs and delay it for some period of time. We can age gracefully just by using this natural product which is easily accessible, right in front of us, stored in the kitchen cupboards.
  7. Helps in Weight Loss – Besides its antiseptic and antibiotics properties, it can also help in reducing body fat.Include it in your diet, and the results will be amazing, not only you will acquire all its health benefits, but it will also help you in losing weight. Not to forget to mention that it has the ability to reduce cholesterol level in your blood.

Main Componentsof Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil is potent in mineral density, such as, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, Niacin, potassium, boron, copper, manganese, vitamins C, A (beta-carotene).

Oregano oil incorporates 4 main groups of chemicals having the role of active healing agents. Here are all of them: Phenols including thymoland carvacrol, acting as anti-oxidants and antiseptics. Terpenes include pinene and terpinene, all of them containing antiviral, antibacterial,anti-inflammatory, and anesthetic characteristics. There are two long-chain alcohols, Linalool and bonreol, contained in oregano oil. They have antibacterialand antiviral features.

Esters consist of geranyl acetateand linalyl acetat, having antifungal properties. Even though, all of these constituents contained in oregano oil are healing agents, the most crucial one is carvacrol. It is scientifically proven thatcarvacrol is one of the most efficient natural antibiotics.

Production of Oregano Oil is not same everywhere

Genuine wild Mediterranean Oregano has to be from these two kinds: origanum vulgare kind, and Thymus capitatus, for the most part grown in Spain. It is really important for the oregano essential oil to come from these two kinds. Likewise,carvacrol concentration needs to be at least 70 percent or even more.If you consume these two kinds you will gain only health benefits without the harmful effects given from the synthetic antibiotics. Moreover, it is extremely efficient against any bacteria and infection, and it does not provoke any biological changes in the body.

Any standard prescribed antibiotic will deplete body nutrients which is not the case when you use oregano oil. By consuming it you will add more nutrients to the body. Statistically shown, it is proven that people in the Mediterranean live longer, mainly because of the persistent use of oregano which is added to many Mediterranean dishes.


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