Vitamin B17: The Biggest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

As humans we have significantly progressed especially when technology is concerned. However, when medicine is concerned we are still at some points not going forward as we have still not discovered the curefor the most deadliest disease cancersince the 20th century and still not in the 21st one, although we are entering it with rapid pace. For treating this disease we use harmful treatment procedures like radiation and chemo. Yet, there is a natural treatment that has been forgotten.

Use of Apricot kernels

Vitamin B17 is not so much known, but there is more to it. Previously it was known as amygdalin,laetrile, purasin, and laevorotatory. It is consisted of two main constituents: hydrogen cyanide (cyanide is found in traces) and glucose.

Regarding the cyanide issue, it is not harmful at all, for instance, you should consume 65 apricot kernels so that you experience the harmful effect.

It is believed that they have the ability to eliminate cancer cells, it works like synergy, that isthe glucose gets inside the cancer cells, and cyanide and benzaldahyde (the other component) work together, and destroy the cell.

Even though some people cannot stand the use of cyanide, it is worth to try as cyanide kills cancer cells. You just have to use it reasonably and there wouldn’t be any negative side effects.

The Cover-Up of the Pharmaceutical Companies

The laetrile effect on cancer cells was tested many times by scientists, but the results never came up. Even some alternative doctors tried to use it as an alternative cancer treatment; the FDA strictly banned its use.

Allegations were everywhere, but it was never proven that laetrile has a negative effect on patient’s life. The Pharmaceutical industry is number one profitable organization, and it cannot be in their interest to promote a product that is almost free and cancer effective.

Yet, some scientists illegally used it as a cancer treatment, such as,John a. Richardson M.D. and his other colleagues, but their results were wiped off by the conventional cancer therapies. However, they managed to publish the research in the book Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience.

Even one of Sloan-Kettering’s reporters succeeded to publish the positive cancer effect of laetrile, but soon after this article he was fired, even though he was a renowned reporter.

Health industry including cancer is a lucrative business where money is highly appreciated; therefore some info is hidden so that the profit increases day by day. It does not matter that there are people dying because of that.

There is another published book regarding this issue, World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17.

What youcando about this info:

This article is not to suggest you to quit the standard therapies, and strictly introduce laetrile use, it is just showing that there are alternative therapies like laetrile, and also the existence of alternative researches that can be very helpful if you are patient suffering from this deadly disease. At the end it is your own choice how you will do your cancer treatment.

You can find on Amazon, reviews about apricot kernels, and see other people’s experiences. Here is what this lady says: “I ordered these seeds two months ago, and this is what has happened with my husband ~ toenail fungus, gone! Indigestion, gone! Prostate issues, resolved! Weight loss, 15 pounds. I have lost 5 pounds and feel more energized. Yes, they are bitter… [but]… unless you are a real weenie, you should have no problems chewing these up. I eat them by themselves, or sometimes with a piece of dark chocolate… I am now eating 8 a day and feel better than ever!”

For best outcomes, you should consume them when you are on low sugar diet. There should be more scientific researches regarding this matter, but if you are a cancer patient you can try this solution as for surely up to now you must have tried even more harmful ones.

If you eat only few apricot kernels per day, it won’t do you any harm; this is also claimed by many reviewers on Amazon. Does it really treats cancer, no one can tell you for sure, but compared to the deadly disease, the risk is minimal to what you can eventually benefit from it. Laetrile is still illegal, but the seeds are considered as a food supplement, so you can legally purchase them and start the consumption.


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