WARNING! Meat Treated With Carbon Monoxide To Fake Freshness! – VIDEO

Anytime when we buy meat at the grocery shop we are concentrated on the way how the meat looks; it should be red, juicy and looking fresh. If does not look appealing to us we won’t buy it, but as many things in life, even in this case, looks can be deceiving.


Treatment of Meatwith Carbon Monoxide Gas

As you have already seen on the video, meat is really treated with carbon monoxide gas so that it looks fresh for weeks. The meat which was not treated with this gas it showed change of colour after 4 days, and the treated one seemed fresh and remained red for few weeks.This is a grocery shop’s trick for the customers to think that the meat they are buying is fresh even though it has been sitting on the shelves for weeks. This same procedure is not solely applied to meat, but unfortunately also to seafood.

Forbidden in Other Countries

Other countries, including Japan and Canada, have already banned the usage of carbon monoxide gas to their meat. Europe has introduced this ban even years ago, states The Washington Post. They claim thatthe European Union has forbidden the use of carbon monoxide gas as a colour stabilizer in meat and fish.

In December, 2001 an issued report from the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food concluded that:“the gas (whose chemical abbreviation is “CO”) did not present a threat as long as food was kept cold enough during storage and transportation to prevent microbial growth”. Yet, if the meat at some point is by any chance warmed, it notified, “the existence of CO may mask visual evidence of spoilage.”

Berdahl and othersquestion,how can something be deemed  “generally recognized as safe” when there are sufficient evidence for the existing problem to issue a ban in Europe.

Is Carbon Monoxide Gas Really Dangerous?

There are many debates regarding this matter. According to the healthy home economist, it might be more harmful than the FDA says …
It is a fact that when inhaled in large quantities carbon monoxide gas is fatal due to the CO particle that attaches to hemoglobin in the blood and changes oxygen in the bloodstream. Even a slightest exposure can provoke headaches, fatigue, and confusion. If we deal with increased exposure, unconsciousness occurs and results in death. Even if you survive poisoning with carbon monoxide gas, there will be negative effects like constant struggle with neurological issues.
In the last couple of years, customer groups have been trying to put a stop to this deceptive meat practice by supermarkets and grocery stores. Unfortunately, it has not given positive results.

Why It Can Not Be Stopped?

The USA is a big country with a constant need of red meat, chicken, pork chops and seafood. It is a big industry that needs to satisfy the market demands. Therefore, the packaging companies use this method to make the meat to look fresh when in fact the meat is old two or three weeks. If carbon monoxide gas is forbidden, lot of money will be lost by the meat market.

How Not to Use Carbon Monoxide Treated Meat?

Simply, just not buying it from the grocery stores, but from a local farmer that preferably grows his own cattle, and doesn’t treat his meat with this perilous gas. Likewise, local farmer’s markets usually have fresh meat and seafood. If you are not available to buy it from these markets or from a local farmer, you can visit your local butcher’s store provided that he orders meat from farmers who don’t treat the meat with carbon monoxide gas.


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