Remove The Pain, Anxiety And More In Just 5 Minutes By Pressing These Points On The Body!

Acupressure is a great therapeutic method that can help you in the healing process of your body. Simply by pressing certain points on your body, like the face, hands, the ear structure and the soles of the feet, your overall health will be improved.

Each acupressure point is associated to some vital organ, and this connection is made through the body veins, arteries, nerves and other vital channels. Chinese physicians used this method for centuries, and it has always given good results.

By using this method you can help the ongoing healing treatment, and also relieve pain. It can be an efficient substitute for the meds you are taking in, for instance if you suffer from a headache use this method and you will immediately see how efficient it is.

Here below, are the pressing points:

Facethe pressing point is in the middle of the nose and upper lip. You can massage this point to reduce lower back pain, or if someone has lost conscience to awaken it. The massage has to be done carefully lasting for 5 minutes, twice a day.


Ear – the pressing point is in the center of the top of the ear. Massaging this area it will assist you in solving heart rhythm and anxiety. This point has to be rubbed for 3 minutes a day.

Arm – the pressing point lies in the central part of the hands, the area where your fingers and thumb link. By massaging this area the function of your intestines will be improved.

Legthe pressing point is right below your knee. Rubbing this point will help you for better nutrition absorption ability thus improving your digestion.


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