This Is One Of The Healthiest Foods In The World! It Can Help With Many Diseases!

Dates are one of the healthiest foods with wide range of benefits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals with extra potent health and nutrition value. They are considered the healthiest food on earth with extreme ability to treat many diseases. Here are the nine reasons for it:

  1. Great iron source – For instance, approx. 100 g of dates include approximately 0.90 mg of iron, and that is about 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron is a part of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells which determines the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Mostly, the iron requirement is for children in puberty period and pregnant women. For that reason, it is highly beneficial for them to consume this fruit. Likewise, anemic patients should consume more dates as they help in iron deficiency.
  2. Constipation remedyDates can very much assist in faster food absorbing and make the process easier. Just take few dates, put them in clean water, and leave them during the night. Throughout the night, the dates will release its juice, which is an incredible laxative that will incite the lazy bowel. Dates in USA can be found even pre-packed in small bottles as a substitute for constipation drugs.
  3. Diarrhea eliminationThis fruit is rich in potassium, which assists in stopping diarrhea. Dates have the ability to speed up the renewing process of gut flora. Consume it routinely, and the production of good gut germs will be on a higher level.
  4. Lowers cholesterolLDL bad cholesterol in the body causes fatty deposits in the arteries which will trigger blood clots, and other heart issues. Dates for this particular health issue are quite helpful as they can reduce the levels of high bad cholesterol. Therefore, individuals with high cholesterol by consuming them can acquire many health benefits.
  5. Decreases high blood pressureFor that reason dates are an exceptional food for persons with hypertension issue. Aside the potassium, they also contain very little sodium. Likewise, they are rich in minerals, for instance, 5 or 6 of dates give about 80 milligrams of magnesium, which is an important mineral for spreading blood vessels. According to some studies, 370 mg of magnesium a day can substantially decrease high blood pressure.
  6. Body weight controlThey have high nutrition value, and if you are on a diet and experience sugar crisis they are a good substitute, and also it will give you the feeling of satiety which will definitely help you in the weight loss process. Also if you are fasting, dates are good food solution for you.

Furthermore, dates regulate bowel movements and your body will offer you the needed sugar. You should know that dates have lot of sugar, and that an excessive dates’ consumption might increase your weight. For example, 1 kg of date palms contains almost 3,000 calories, if you are an all day active person this would be a minimum daily requirement. Yet, dates do not have cholesterol.

  1. Protects against stroke – Due to its high content of potassium, they are capable of regulating the nervous system. Researches have shown that higher consumption of potassium (400 mg) can reduce the threat of stroke by 40 percent.
  2. Remedy for heart strengthening – Soak dates with seed in water, and leave them to stay overnight. In the morning, remove the seeds from the dates and grind them, then add them to the water in which they were previously soaked. For best outcomes, take this natural remedy few times a day to strengthen your heart. So, if you are person with weak heart try this remedy and you will gain all its benefits.
  3. Increases staminaLast but not least is this health advantage that will help both gender Firstly, soak a handful of dates in a glass of goat milk and leave it during the night. Mix the date palms with the milk and add honey and cardamom in the end. The result will be syrup which will strengthen your body and increases energy levels.

Due to all these health reasons include dates in your daily diet. After all they are the healthiest food on the planet that will provide you with amazing results.


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