6 Easy And Simple Methods To Remove Earwax At Home!

Ears are very sensitive and fragile organs of our body especially the inner ear. The inner ear is responsible for body movements and body balance, and as well as for hearing. Therefore, it needs to be protected from all sorts of bacteria, infections and microbes. Likewise, it has to be cleaned properly, particularly the earwax as it is very crucial for the ears.

Earwax is a natural ear lubricator, but if the ear is quite full with it, it has to be cleaned as it may cause severe problems and damage, like:

  • appearance of dizziness, loss of hearing, persistent itching, irritation, fullness of ears and general discomfort.

What causes excess of earwax?

They can be several, for instance, not proper cleaning and use of Q-tips. For example, if you clean only the surface area and don’t go deeper to clean it earwax will accumulate in the inner ear thus triggering ear health issues. Likewise, the use of earplug and frequent use of headphones might be possible reasons for excess earwax.

Typical signs of excessive earwax:

  • reduced hearing ability, appearance of dizziness, earaches, regular noise in the ears, and fullness of ears.

Proper cleaning of excess earwax

You can use the standard Q-tips for ear cleaning, but you are not supposed to press them further down in the ear canal as you might block it and distort its correct function.

So, you can replace the cotton buds and Q-tips with some homemade recipes for managing this issue:

  1. Olive oil
    Put 2 drops of olive oil in your ear every night before going to bed. You have to put drops just in one ear and sleep on your other side so that the treatment is efficient. The following night repeat the procedure with the other ear.Do this technique for the next four to six nights.
  2. Paraffin oil
    The use of paraffin oil is the most efficient earwax treatment, and therefore widely used in pharmaceutical industry. The procedure is toheat 2-3 tablespoon of paraffin oil over a candle flame, then take 5 drops from the warm liquid and put it into your ear canal. Let it stay for couple of minutes,when the time is up, properly rinse your ears with clean water.
  3. Glycerin
    You can buy glycerin from any pharmaceutical shop and apply 4-5 drops of it in each ear. Your head has to be positioned horizontally so that glycerin goes directly into your ear canal. This process is repeated 3 times a day.
  4. Alcohol and vinegar mixture
    First, you mix alcohol and vinegar in a bowl, and then soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Put the cotton ball in your ear and clean it. If there is any excess of the mixture drain it. If you have large quantities of earwax in your ear canal repeat the treatment. Have in mind to be careful when doing this because you might hurt your ear, nerves or tissue.
  5. Saline solution
    The solution is made by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt in about ½ a cup of water. When it is dissolved,soak cotton ball in it. Take some drops of it and put it in your ear canal. This treatment is done on both ears. It is normal for the liquid to drain out, when it occurs just use toilet tissue to soak it.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide
    The mixture is done by using equivalent parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, and precisely follow this instruction. Mix them, and when you get a homogenous mix, put few drops in your ear. After putting the drops you ought to shake your head so that the mix gets deeper into your ear canal. You should remain in that position for 3-4 minutes and repeat the same procedure with the other ear.

Use these homemade natural solutions, and the improvement will be immediately visible. Just be careful when you apply them, and use the advised doses and procedures.


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