5 Known Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is everyone’s desire and comfort food. We consume it any time when we want to treat ourselves or when we have the urge for something sweet. It is used for preparing many desserts, cakes, drinks, in all kinds of meals. However, chocolate can have many health advantages, especially the dark one.

Dark chocolate usually contains more than 70 percent of cocoa in it which means that it contains lot of nutrients that are essential for our body. Many researches have been performed by scientists on consuming dark chocolate, and it was concluded, if it is consumed in moderate amounts can do only wonders to your body. Here are all its health benefits:

  1. It is full with essential nutrients, among which is potassium which is a crucial nutrient for preventing cardiovascular issues. Magnesium is another important nutrient responsible in the battle against type 2 diabetes, then iron responsible for reducing the risk of anemia, and copper, which also helps in preventing heart issues such as stroke. Therefore, if you include dark chocolate to your regular diet you will acquire all these health benefits.
  2. Dark chocolate is abundant in antioxidants. The environment that surrounds us is usually full of toxins which our body absorbs them through the skin directly into our body. Unfortunately these toxins are everywhere in the food, the air we breathe thus causing harm to our entire body. Fortunately, we can consume dark chocolate which is full with antioxidants and quite effective in destroying free radicals from the body. So, by consuming it we minimize the risk of the toxins impact on our body system.
  3. It does as well as good to the brain. It has been discovered that dark chocolate increases the amount of blood flowing to the brain including the heart thus resulting in improved cognitive abilities. Dark chocolate contains several compounds such as the PEA or phenylethlamine which can boost individual mood and cognitive function.
  4. Another health benefit is the ability to increase HDL levels. Specifically, it has the ability to raise HDL or good cholesterol levels while reducing LDL or bad cholesterol. Likewise, the antioxidants present in dark chocolate prevent oxidation from occurring which means that your cells will be preserved from damaging.
  5. Dark chocolate can protect you from the harmful sun, especially if you are exposed to it on a regular basis, and as well as when it is occasional exposure like during summertime or whenever you are outside. Even though, we all like to be exposed to it as much as possible, too much exposure to the sun can cause skin damage as UV rays being emitted by the sun can be quite harmful for our skin. For that reason, consume chocolate and you will be protected from the damaging high UV rays. The component called flavonols found in dark chocolate can protect your skin from dryness and dehydration, meaning that you will have no worries about rapid skin aging or dry, cracked skin when exposed to too much sun.

So, consuming dark chocolate in small amounts can do wonders to your body. Just eat a small piece of dark chocolate every day and gain all its health benefits for which your body will be grateful.


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