Your Tongue Can Reveal Many Things About Your Health! Here’s What You Need To Know!

Every time when you visit your physician the first thing that he checks on you is your tongue. This is not in random order, but it means that your tongue reveals a lot about your health, how awkward it may sound.

Even the Chinese medicine uses the tongue evaluation for determination the illness that affects certain individual. If you detect changes in your tongue’s appearance, you should make an appointment to an otorhinolaryngologist.

Here are the nine tongue modifications that can indicate certain illness:

  1. Appearance of mass white layer with swollen edges of the tongue – if you have this sign you usually feel tired and sluggish. The reason for this condition is not proper function of the digestive system and sensitivity to water retention.
  2. Appearance of thick white layer in the middle of a pale swollen tongue – if you have this tongue look then you must have back pain, pale skin complexion, and a massive feeling of panic. This means you have an infection or inflammation linked to an autoimmune disease, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  3. Appearance of thin white layer, obvious tooth marks and a number of red dots – these are the symptoms for lack of energy. Because of this condition you experience fatigue, excessive sweating and poor appetite. If you experience lack of energy most likely you will feel higher anxiety than usual.
  4. Appearance of thin white layer along with red tongue tip – this symptom refers to excessive exposure to stress resulting from an unstable emotional condition. The body energy is being accumulated in the junctions triggering inflammation.
  5. Appearance of thin yellow layer in the middle surrounded by the red surface of the tongue – if you have this sign you must experience regular mood swings. It actually means occurrence of dehydration, digestive issues, and also skin diseases.
  6. Appearance of black spots on purple surface –if you have this sign you may experience headache,chest pain, dull skin, varicose veins, and feeling of heaviness in your legs.All these symptoms suggest compromised circulatory system function.
  7. Appearance of pale tongue without deposits– if you have this symptom you often lack memory and focus, and if you are a female then this sign suggests possible hormonal disbalance. Furthermore, the appearance of this sign points out to lowered blood circulation in the body, and probable anemia, which triggers dizziness and fatigue.
  8. Appearance of red tongue with thick yellow layers in the middle– if you have this sign you often have the feeling of anxiety thus feeling uncomfortable in your own body. The reason for this isincreased body temperature level, which might be a result of urinary tract infection or skin issues.
  9. Appearance of fractures on a red tongue surface–if you experience insomnia, night sweats and irritability then these conditionssuggest fungal infection in the body.


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