Exercises For Stronger-Looking Calves

When exercising, the least attention is paid to the calves. However, they are also essential for the overall look of the body. It can also occurdisproportion related to the other body groups like the chest, back, shoulder, arms, and abs. Therefore for perfect body and prefect calves use these exercises:

  1. Elevated Standing Calf Raise

Put yourself in a position standing calf raise; then you stand on a step or a box with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Balance yourself on your feet’s balls, with the heals hanging off the step. Then, lift your heels as high as possible and make a pause. After that, lower your heels as far down as possible and you will feel a stretch through your calves. Repeat the exercise as many times you have planned.

  1. Calf Raises

This is one the best exercises for calves as calves contraction is employed. According to Live Strong, you should place your toes on a step or on a pile of hardcover books. You position your feet shoulder-width apart, with the heels hanging over the edge. Then you lift up onto your tip toesand stay like that for a second. Lower your heelsgradually until the feet are in an upward angle. Keep the contracted position for a second and repeat it as many times you have planned. If you want to increase the resistance, you may do this exercisemeantime holding a full gallon of water jug.

  1. Single-Leg Calf Press

You can do calves exercises by doing the single-leg calf press. According to Ask Men, the benefit is by forcing each leg to perform an equal amount of work, and this exercise will not let the strong leg to do most of the work.

  1. Single-Leg Hop

This exercise helps the calves to become bigger. According to Men’s Health, you should stand on your left leg and bend your right knee at a 90 degree angle for your right foot to be behind the left one. The left knee should bend sufficiently enough to support its landing. Repeat the exercise as many times you have planned.

Best ways to perform these exercises is when you are placed up on a seated leg press machine. You keepyour knees completely extended, but you have to be still bent at the waist. Likewise, you can use the pin-loaded machines, where you are sitting upright, and not on your back looking up at the ceiling.

If you want body building, then you should perform the exercises using a full range of motion and changing the number of repetitions. It is recommended that you should stretch between sets of exercises and have a short break thereby allowing the blood to flow to the calves, which assists in their growth and development.

The well known actor and bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has some highly efficient tips for beginners who want bigger calves. InPrime Health Solutions, he recommendsfocusing on getting a full range of motion, as doing so you feel the stretch at the bottom portion of the movement and helps you in full contraction at the top of the motion. Likewise, it is very important for the knees to be kept straight and to maintain strict form so that other muscle groups are not deployed. Lastly, the feet should point forward so that the calves work in proportion.

Moreover, calves are crucial for the strength to the movement of the lower body, like running, walking, and standing; therefore, they deserve proper exercises. For any exercise to be 100 percent efficient, as in this case total leg development, proper food choices should be introduced to your diet and appropriate amount of rest.


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