Health Benefits Of Pomegranate! One Of The Healthiest Fruits In The World!

Pomegranate fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruit with unique flavor, taste, and heath promoting characteristics. Together with sub-arctic pigmented berries and some tropical exotics such as mango, it too has novel qualities of functional foods, often called as “super fruits.”

Interior structure of the fruit is separated by white, thin, spongy, membranous, bitter tissue into discrete compartments. Such sections, packed as sacs, filled with tiny edible sweet, juicy, pink pulp encasing around a single, angular, soft or hard (in case of over mature fruits) seed.

Pomegranates have an impressive nutrient profile:

One cup of arils (174 grams) contains :

  • Fiber:7 grams.
  • Protein:3 grams.
  • Vitamin C:30% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin K:36% of the RDA.
  • Folate:16% of the RDA.
  • Potassium:12% of the RDA.

The pomegranate arils (seeds) are also very sweet, with one cup containing 24 grams of sugar, and 144 calories.

Why Is Pomegranate Good For You?

Research shows that pomegranates can help prevent or treat various disease risk factors, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxidative stress, hyperglycemia and inflammation.

Pomegranates have even been shown to provide anticarcinogenic effects. That’s right pomegranate seeds can prevent and treat certain forms of cancer!

What about pomegranate nutrition? They’re loaded with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. Another list the pomegranate makes — the top 10 aphrodisiac foods.

Do you still need another reason to try pomegranate seeds? Pomegranate juice (made from pomegranate seeds) has been shown to have antioxidant activity three times higher than red wine and green tea!

There is evidence to suggest that the antioxidants in pomegranates also benefit your heart in a number of ways, including lowering systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading), slowing, and even reversing, the growth of plaque formation in arteries, and improving blood flow and keeping arteries from becoming thick and stiff.

It helps stomach upsets, menopausal hot flashes, hemorrhoids, conjunctivitis, osteoarthritis, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system, wards off the flu, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol.

“The peel is good for the heart and blood vessels; the white membrane is good for stopping diarrhea and good for wounds and ulcers of the mouth and throat. The fruit also strengthens the brain, cleanses the body and blood from toxins, and is very good at expelling worms from the intestines

Benefits For Men!

The latest achievement claimed for pomegranates, which are already acclaimed as a superfood, will be welcome among those who would prefer a natural aphrodisiac.

There is scientific evidence behind the reason pomegranates are a symbol of fertility. One study found that men who had mild to moderate erectile dysfunction experienced improvement after drinking pomegranate juice. Other studies on animals found the antioxidants in pomegranates improve erectile function over long-term use.

Many studies have shown that pomegranate extracts have the ability to slow the reproduction of prostate cancer cells and cause the cells to commit a type of cellular suicide, a process called apoptosis. The ellagitannins in pomegranates fight the growth of new blood vessels necessary for nourishing prostate cancer tumors.

 If you are concerned about your prostate health, you may also consider a top prostate supplement formulation. Pomegranates may also inhibit development of lung cancer.

Benefits For Women

 Pregnancy is a time when you are more concerned about your food habits. Eat pomegranate daily, if you are pregnant, to ensure a healthy pregnancy period, for both the mother and baby.

Women require folic acid during pregnancy. It is recommended for women who are trying to conceive and to women expecting a baby, to up their intake of folic acid so that the baby will have an even greater chance of being healthy. Pomegranate juice has a high concentration of folic acid and drinking one single glass per day gives a woman a full day’s supply of folic acid (in one fell swoop!)

Drinking pomegranate juice for womens fertility can reduce leg cramps in pregnant women. Women who are expecting often experience leg cramps during the night, preventing them from sleeping. By drinking the juice, it’s less likely you’ll have to endure leg cramps (the juice contains a good amount of potassium which is said to reduce the occurrences of leg cramps).

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or you already are is good to consume this fruit daily.

There are anti-cancer agent that is owned by the pomegranate, and can help reduce the risk of the disease.

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