This Woman Discovered the Best Way to Lose Weight

At 40, Mary was happy because she had no health problems. But menopause had completely changed his life. See how this lady was able to solve many health problems by improving its diet with the consumption of coconut oil!

 This Woman Discovered the Best Way to Lose Weight

Throughout her life, Mary has never experienced hormonal disorders, even during her first pregnancy. When she had her first baby, she has not faced health problems. But with the menopause, metabolism began to slow and she started to gain weight!

Mary was prone to hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and other menopause symptoms.

She had regular mood swings and did not feel happy. After much research, she decided to change her diet to fight the menopause symptoms, to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.


Sugar: your worst enemy

Mary refused to take medications for its hormonal disorders, she resorted to natural solutions. In addition to exercise and relaxation techniques (meditation, yoga), she improved her diet. Mary stopped eating sugar and discovered some interesting facts.

Sugar has destructive effects on the body. It incites fat accumulation. The more sugar you consume, the more body secretes insulin, which increases fat accumulation. If you eat less sugary foods, the body burns stored fat and converts it into the fuel boosting your energy.

Moreover, sugar consumption could lead to depression, anxiety and to mood swings. Sugar could even cause negative effects on brain function.

According to a study conducted on laboratory animals, by Department of Medicine at Emory University, sugar consumption is closely linked to anxiety and depressive behavior.

The excessive sugar consumption can also accelerate the aging process. All these facts have led Mary to avoid the consumption of this food, although this is difficult when combined with menopausal problems.


Defeating sugar with coconut!

Mary quickly realized that the coconut was an effective natural solution and the best substitute to sugar. She preferred eating nuts, coconut water and oil in order to reduce consumption of sugar and sugary products.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are good fats. These are not stored and are used by the body to boost energy. In addition, this natural oil does not increase sugar levels in the blood and reduces sugar cravings.


A glass of fresh water coconut

Coconut water is available everywhere. But after trying several brands, Mary says that bio coconut water is the best. Remember that you can also buy a coconut, pierce and pour the water into a glass, let it cool in the refrigerator and sip it during the day.

Nutritious coconut water is refreshing and rich in antioxidants, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron …), vitamins (B, C) and electrolytes.


Flavor smoothies and juices with coconut

To prepare her smoothies and juices, Mary decided to replace milk with coconut water. Sometimes she also adds 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in this beverages.


Coconut oil against sugar cravings

When Mary has sugar cravings, she takes a tablespoon of coconut oil. Soft and smooth, this oil is the best substitute for candy and treats.

Cook with coconut oil

Use coconut oil to cook your meals.

When Mary stopped eating sugar and started using the coconut, she lost weight, boosted her energy and mood swings were a distant memory. According to her, menopause and its symptoms can be controlled, simply with balanced diet, avoid eating sugar and exercise.

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