Here is How Blood Type Determines Personality

For many decades, Japanese researchers are trying to prove that the blood flowing in our veins influences our personality. Here are some insights about the relation between blood type (or blood group) and certain aspects of your character!

Here is How Blood Type Determines Personality

Blood types and science

There are many scientific theories about the relationship between blood type and susceptibility to certain diseases, on “blood group diet” theory that is inspired by the knowledge of our ancestors. Japanese scientists claim that there is a link between the blood group and the personality of an individual. Beside Japanese theory, there is also a strong popular belief that one can predict not only someone personality based on blood type of a person, but can also determine compatibility between individuals!

Moreover, it is quite often requested by some companies to indicate a blood type in the CV or mention it during a job interview! This theory is considered controversial by many Western scientists saying that this believe is rather a superstition. Although researches on this subject are very limited, here are some insights that deserve your attention!

Blood type O

According to a report by the Japanese Institute of Technology, people who have this blood group are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others. They are also more sensitive to stress, because of the cortisol (known to be stress hormone) will stay longer in the blood. Also, the process of aging will be faster in people with blood group O. On the other hand, they are more open-minded and are very sociable in general.

Blood group A

In a study published in the scientific Neuropsychobiology Journal, people with blood group A are more susceptible to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders). Furthermore, they are characterized by a strong personality, a certain temperament, high intelligence and composure.

Blood group B

According to Japanese researchers, people with blood type B are usually fascinating. Unlike Aall other blood types, type B is one that exceptional because it is linked to very atypical personality traits: creativity, passion, strong will. The only negativity in their character it that they are self-centered and often impulsive.

Blood group AB

According to the results of a study published in the Neurology Journal, AB blood type would present a higher risk of memory disorders (loss of memory) during the aging process. In this study, an experiment was conducted on some elderly to test their level of learning and their ability to retain information. People who had blood type AB had the most difficulty in this exercise.

Furthermore, AB type of people usually have a very compassionate temperament, they are also characterized by a great adaptability, whatever the situation, without losing their individuality.

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