This is The Most Healing Salt in The World, It Can Treat Over 20 Diseases

Containing at least 84 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mineral form, the benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt include:

  1. Regulating the water content throughout your body
  2. Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells
  3. Promoting blood sugar health
  4. Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body
  5. Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract
  6. Supporting respiratory health
  7. Promoting sinus health
  8. Prevention of muscle cramps
  9. Promoting bone strength
  10. Regulating your sleep – it naturally promotes sleep

     11.Supporting your libido

     12.Promoting vascular health

     13.In conjunction with water, it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure

When the salty air is inhaled, the minute salt particles travel through the entire respiratory system. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties purify and detox the lungs and sinuses.

Studies show that salt therapy is widely effective for:

  • Reducing asthma (many users report no longer needing their rescue inhaler)
  • Reducing seasonal allergies by cleansing the sinuses
  • Coughs and chest congestion
  • Improving the respiratory systems of smokers
  • Improving skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis
  • Improving lung function in individuals with cystic fibrosis

In a normal water bath, moisture tends to be extracted from the skin, as our body fluids are salt solution rather than pure 100% water.

The use of expensive body lotions and creams is also often far from being effective, as it functions as a temporary external layer.

Bathing in a natural Himalayan salt solution is a different story.

The natural sea salt gets absorbed readily into the skin, cleansing and purifying the pores from within.

The strong detoxification effect of the Himalayan salt draws out the toxins from the skin, which will otherwise lead to dull, lifeless and uneven complexion.

At the same time, your skin is nourished with 84 types of nutrients, leaving your skin with a long-lasting healthy youthful glow.

The salt gets stored in the upper layer of the skin, which binds the water molecules. This plumps up your skin and creates a natural protective film on the skin preventing the skin from drying.

Himalayan salt is also very beneficial for other health issues, as follows:

  • For an ear infection, use the same saline solution.
  • To treat nausea due to traveling, soak a cloth in this salt and place it around the neck.
  • To treat a sore throat, gargle with saline solution, but you should not swallow it.
  • To treat foot fungus, soak the feet in a saline solution.

Reported health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps include:

  • Improving breathing problems and reducing allergies.
  • Less colds and flu (due to less airborne viruses).
  • Increased relaxation and calmness and less stress.
  • Improved ability to concentrate and work for longer periods around electrical equipment like computers.
  • Fewer headaches and migraines.
  • Reduced symptoms from disorders like rheumatism and arthritis.
  • An improvement in skin diseases.
  • Easier to get to sleep at night.
  • A better overall sense of health and wellbeing.


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