Problems With Swollen Knees? Here’s How To Use Egg Yolks And ACV To Ease Knee Pain And Swelling Overnight!

The medical term for this condition is knee effusion. Water on the knee can result from an injury, chronic overuse, or disease. Sometimes a swollen knee can be caused by chronic conditions such as bursitis. Swelling in a knee joint may limitknee flexibility and function.

Knee swelling, sometimes called knee effusion or water on the knee, signals a problem with the knee. When mild knee osteoarthritis, non-septic knee bursitis, or a minor injury causes swelling, it usually can be treated at home with over-the-counter medication and the R.I.C.E. formula. Persistent knee swelling, or knee swelling accompanied by severe pain or other serious symptoms, warrants medical attention.

Swelling in a knee joint may limit knee flexibility and function. For example, a person may find it difficult to fully bend or completely straighten a swollen knee, and the joint may naturally bend 15 to 25 degrees while the leg is at rest.

How To Treat Swollen Knees

Ice, Rest, Compression and Elevation Remedy

Stop, change, or take a break from any activity that may be causing your pain or soreness. When resting, place a small pillow under your knee. Ice will reduce pain and swelling. Apply ice or cold packs immediately to prevent or minimize swelling.

Joint injuries can result in painful, swollen joints, and stiffness. Sometimes, joint pain can be caused by injured or torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the joint, bursitis, tendonitis, dislocations, strains, sprains, and fractures.

Compression, or wrapping the injured or sore area with an elastic bandage (such as an Ace wrap), will help decrease swelling.

Egg Yolk and Table Salt

Make a mixture of 1 tbsp. of salt and a fresh egg yolk and apply it on the affected rea. After this, cover it with cling paper and apply some elastic bandage. Change the paste in 2 hours and use at least 5 applications a day. There is oil in the egg which passes through the skin, carrying metals to the affected area. Magnesium that is contained in table salt decreases the fluid in tissues and in that way decreases swelling, relaxing the muscles.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil can work as wonder when used as massage oil for knee. It will help to release inflammation and increases blood circulation.Take some mustard oil and heat it properly. Add some garlic cloves to it. Let the solution cool down and then apply it directly on the knee. Use a cloth to provide heat to the knee in order to get best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In order to shrink down your knee swelling and pain, you can take the advantage of apple cider vinegar. First prepare organic apple cider vinegar and then soak the hand towel into it, and place it on the swollen knees.You can then cover that portion with plastic wrap and leave it for overnight. In the morning you can open it and wash the knee portion. You should repeat it for a week and see better results.


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