Get Rid of This Bone Deformity in 10 Days

Bone deformities can affect anyone and at any age. Several causes can be responsible for this problem. However, natural remedies can help you overcome this problem.

Get Rid of This Bone Deformity in 10 Days

Bone deformity: definition

Among scientists, this deformation is known as the hallux valgus or Bunion. This is a deformation of the big toe, which lean toward the second toe and causes a defect in the forefoot. The Bunion can be aggravated by walking because the pressure is mainly exerted on the big toe; and this is propelling the body forward when walking. When the person suffers from Bunion foot, pressure is directed towards the other toes, so it becomes more difficult to wear certain shoes or walk.


Some symptoms may indicate the formation of a bump of the side of the big toe. For example, you may feel pain at the inner edge of the foot when walking and you will notice appearance of the redness or inflammation.


Women are most affected by hallux valgus. Several factors can cause this, including:

  • heredity
  • age
  • wearing inappropriate footwear
  • flat foot

It is important to know that even a treatment does not correct the deformation, but only helps to get rid of the bump on the big toe. In such cases it is important that the person wear appropriate walking footwear. In the case where the treatment fails, surgical intervention is necessary.

In addition, there are natural remedies that in some cases can help you get rid of a Bunion without the need to go to the doctor.


Natural treatments

  1. Bay leaves tea


  • 300 ml of water
  • 1 tablespoon of dried bay leaves


In a saucepan, heat the water and add the bay leaves. Cook for 5 minutes. Then pour the liquid into a thermos and leave to infuse overnight.

Drink the tea the next day. It is important to drink this tea in small sips. Repeat this procedure for three days and always prepare fresh tea. Than after one week of pause, repeat the treatment.

With this treatment you will notice the first changes after ten days. For period of 2 months, the Bunion will completely disappear. If you do not notice any changes, consult a specialist.

  1. Bay leaves balm

Take 5 large bay leaves, crush them and add them into a glass jar containing 100 ml of 96% alcohol. Let the mixture stay in a glass jar for a week.

In a bowl, add water, tablespoon of baking soda and soak your feet. Keep your feet in this tub for about ten minutes. Then, dry your feet with a towel. After this bath you can apply the balm, prepared previously on the Bunion. Put a cotton sock and let it stay overnight.

  1. A trick to reduce inflammation

You can also use regular soap to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Here’s how to apply the trick:

  • Grate some plain soap
  • Lightly massage the affected area with grated soap
  • Rinse and dry with a towel
  • Apply some iodine on the area
  • Repeat this operation for 30 days

If this trick does not work, consult a specialist.

  1. Traitement based on green clay

Green clay is a very effective trick against hallux valgus. Mix the clay with a little warm water to make stiff dough. Then apply the paste on the affected area by forming a layer with a thickness of 1 or 2 cm. Leave it for 40 minutes and rinse, repeat this procedure for 15 days. Moisturize well after application of this paste, because clay dries the skin.

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