How to Rid Yourself of Belly Pooch Forever

Stomach fat, be gone!

The belly area is the most difficult part for slimming down, even if you are on a healthy diet or regularly practice. However, there are three things that can help you in getting rid of the belly pouch. This routine will help you in getting flat tummy in two weeks and keep it like that.

Eating Habits

Just make a survey on your diet and your bathroom visits as belly pouch may not be solely caused by fat but also by trapped air in your digestive system. The necessary fiber in your diet should be 25 to 30 grams a day as constipation can cause bloating. However, if you overdo it on fiber or consume too many foods that cause gases, such as beans, broccoli, and apples, your belly can be bloated as a result of them.

Nevertheless, there are foods which debloat your belly like blueberries, and are proven to reduce belly fat; so use them in smoothies or in fruit salads thereby assisting you in blocking belly bloating.

While Doing Strength Training

Basic crunches are proven for abs toning, but they target only certain abdominal muscles. Therefore, include in your training full-body exercises such as different variations of plank or core moves by using a ball. Just balance on one leg on a BOSU, and it will target your core, too. Likewise, you can try different kinds of equipment; there is a 10-minute abs video which shows a small hand towel that sculpts your core.

While Doing Cardio Training

Researches have revealed that incorporating interval training in your regular cardio sessions can reduce your stomach fat. If you think that you are doing a consistent pace while biking, running, or swimming, include 10 to 60 seconds, fast-paced or sprinting intervals. There is a 45 minute treadmill work out that does that. On, the other hand, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) works on the same principle as intervals, you push yourself to a maximum training for a period of time and immediately followed up with a shorter rest period. You can try this type of workout with a full-body 10 minute HIIT workout.


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