The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World…

We highly recommend you to read this article as it will radically change the world in apositive sense. Share it with your friends, even though Monsanto wouldn’t like that, as it can bring only positive benefits for the surrounding around us.

Namely, in 2006 the world’s leading mycologist Paul Stamets, created a patent regarding pesticides which was totally discarded by the leading executives in the pesticide industry. It was even considered“the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when executives of pesticide industry mean disruptive, it means disruptive technology towards the chemical pesticides industry. Therefore, PualStamets’ patent did not receive enough attention and exposure due to their disruptive politics.

What is Paul’s discovery? 

This leading mycologist has discovered how to use Mother Nature in keeping insects from destroying crops. It is called SMART pesticides. These SMART pesticides provide safe, longtime and almost permanent solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects with the “magic” help of mushrooms.

Paul uses entomopathogenic Fungi, fungi that destroy insects, and morph them so that they do not produce spores. The fungi attract the insects that eat them and turn themselves into fungi from the inside out.

This is an amazing patent that can revolutionize humans’ way of growing crops, only if it can be exposed to the mass population.

The current use of pesticides in modern agriculture causes detrimental effects to the environment. It is a real shame as by using them bees are slowly starting to disappear, and what kind of world that would be. Namely,Monsanto’s chemical concoctions which are currently sprayed on farmers’ fields all around the world have mostly caused decrease on bees’ number. However, there are countries that have already banned Monsanto, but there are still nations who are not aware of its dangers. It is needless to say that this patent is highly necessary if we want to protect our nature.

How to Fight Monsanto?

In 2014, it was reported that Monsantogenerates $16 billion dollars per year, so surely they cannot afford such revolutionary patents to appear and destroy their lucrative profit. Having such incomes they have the power to stop any information or patent exposure so that they keep their so called “good” reputation. However, there is always something we can do about it; we can stop these corporate monopoles by educating ourselves about the benefits of growing sustainable, organic, and “bio-dynamic food”, as well as sharing articles like this, and boycotting GMO and herbicide-sprayed crops.


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