Vapen Clear: Meet The World’s First Cannabis Inhaler

We are living in an evolution era where cannabis is used medically and socially, therefore new forms of using it are being invented.Vapen Clear is the first cannabis inhaler and it is perfect for using cannabis. Up to now you have read all the health benefits that cannabis can give to your body, and now is even an easier way how to consume it. Creative innovators have invented a new way for better use of cannabis.

What is Vapen Clear?

It is actually the same like any inhaler; it does the same function but only without albuterol. The Vapen Clear releases the psychoactive compound THC with an ability of 10mg expenditure per puff, which is same to 100 total puffs per cartridge, however it can be tuned down to meet your needs.

The Vapen Clear does not heat the THC unlike the other vaporizer pens which heat the contents; it actually uses a propellant to blast the medicine directly inside your lungs.

This inhaler is one of a kind that comes in three different designs based on your desired strain. For instance, the “Daytime” inhaler comes with a sativa strain as sativa produces energy. The “Nighttime” inhaler comes with an indica strain thereby providing more mellow and chill effect. And the “Afternoon” inhaler, which incorporates both inhalers provides a steady buzz.


The Vapen Clear Benefits

The smell of cannabis is very strong and overwhelms all other smells as it leaves strong odor. The Vapen Clear does not produce any smell and it can be used whenever you want without anyone knowing it. Furthermore, it does not heat the oil which is not the case with other vaporizers. It is discreet as when people see an inhaler most likely they will think that you have an asthma issue, so you will avoid any surrounding questions.



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