The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods .Time To Start Eating Them!

If you have not consume them up to now, it is about time to start eating these foods like curry, blueberries, tomatoes, red wine, green tea and dark chocolate as according to one medical portal these foods fight against cancer cells and prevent tumor development.

What is most interesting is the fact that scientists are more certain in the power of these 7 foods than from the chemo itself. They are more powerful than this therapy as they have the ability to prevent the blood supply to tumor cells and have anti-angiogenesis properties.

What is Angiogenesis?

It is a process in which blood vessels are formed in the body. This process is activated in certain periods of human life, for instance when a baby is born or when a person is wounded and tissues and capillaries need to be restored. Activators of angiogenesis are provoked to stimulate the vascular cell growth so that new blood vessels could be formed.

It is proven that tumor cells can release activators of angiogenesis, thereby cheating the body to create new blood vessels so that tumor cells are supplied with nutrients and oxygen. In this way tumor cells easily spread through the blood. Therefore, they constantly need more and more blood vessels triggering the process of angiogenesis.

You can stop this process with medicines available on the market that act as inhibitors of angiogenesisand at the same time preserve the healthy cells. They prevent the formation of blood vessels. However, there are also foods which can stop the growth of tumors in their early stage which is a more natural way in fighting against cancer.

Foods that block angiogenesis:

Red wine – in fact grape skin containsresveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant known for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Resveratrol is contained in red wine, namely, in 225ml red wine 640 mcg resveratrol is in it. It has been confirmed that it has the ability to kill bacteria, boosts energy, improves mental and physical health, heart function, concentration; furthermore, it prevents cancer, destroys free radicals,repairs damaged DNA caused by radiation, fights against fungi and viruses, and prolongs animals’ life span.

Supplements ofresveratrol are usually combined with grape extract or other antioxidant taken in doses of 200 to 600 on a daily basis. The Pinot Noir and Bordeaux contain this substance in sufficient quantities.

Likewise, your favorite drinks like coffee and green tea can also act as chemotherapy.

Tomatoes –contain lycopene which has anti-angiogenic properties which are not lost in the cooking process, but contrary the amount of lycopene is increased. Namely, one Harvard study has proven that men who consumed cooked tomato sauce or tomatoes four times a month were at 50 percent lowered risk from suffering prostate cancer.

Curry, that is, its substance turmericis highly beneficial health wise; also known as a spice highly efficient in melting fat.

The dark colourof blueberries and raspberries is a resultof phytochemicals which are well-known for their anti-cancer protection. They also have the ability to prevent the process of angiogenesis and reduce the oxidative stress. But, they are highly effective when ovarian cancer is concerned.

Dark chocolate is a healthy substitute for sweet cravings as it is extremely healthy, naturally consumed in moderate quantities. It is perfect for cardiovascular health, good mood while at the same time fights against bad cells.


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