Is Garlic Good For You? 7 Surprising Benefits Of Garlic For Optimal Health

Garlic is one of the super foods as it is considered a powerful beneficial healer. It is extremely nutritious vegetable with almost no calories. Likewise, it is natural medicinal thanks to its active ingredient allicin.Due to this organic compound this vegetable has the ability to strengthen the immune function and to boost the overall body health. This active ingredient is the one that gives garlic the specific taste and flavor.

As a result of all these reasons garlic has become extremely wanted herb on the market. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, an adult person can consume up to four cloves of garlic every day where each one weighs approximately 1 gram.

Garlic can be found in many forms: garlic powdered, salted, minced or in a supplement form; no matter in which form you take it, it will provide you with many benefits which will miraculously contribute to your optimal health.

Here below are the seven surprising benefits of garlic:

  1. Lowers Heart Disease Risk – It helps by lowering total LDL cholesterol. A 2000 study released in the journal Annals of Internal Medicinerevealed the amazing effect garlic has on people with elevated cholesterol, it moderately reduced the cholesterol levels. Garlic supplements have the ability to boost body’s capability to dissolve blood clots which are the main reason for increasing the risk of heart attacks as they are responsible for closing the arteries.
  2. Decreases Blood Pressure – the use ofgarlic supplement each day may assist in keeping your blood pressure at bay. Prescribed drugs can do the job, but they have numerous side effects. On the other hand, garlic is a natural product that can substantially reduce blood pressure due to its active compounds. According to a 2013 study published in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, aged garlic extract in the range of 600 to 1,500 milligrams (mg) was discovered to be as effective as the prescribed drug Atenolol for treating hypertension in a 24-week period.

According to Ficek, garlic can activate the production of the endothelium which is a derived relaxation factor, thanks to the high amount of polysulfides, sulfur, containing molecules. All these leads to smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation (widening of blood vessels), following the relaxation of the smooth muscle in the vessel wall.

  1. Improves Bone Health – as it is packed with bone beneficial nutrients like manganese, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. This is what Risa Groux, a holistic nutritionist and ChazzLIVE expert said: “Garlic is really high in manganese, which contains enzymes and antioxidants that facilitates the formation of bones and connective tissues, bone metabolism, and calcium absorption.”

This alkalizing vegetable can assist in decreasing bone loss through the increase of estrogen in females. A 2007 study released in the journal Phytotherapy Research discovered that garlic is consisted of nutrients that act as building blocks for strong and healthy bones.

  1. Fights Common Cold – due to the garlic active ingredient allicin which can act as health aid during illness periods. Fresh garlic contains a healthy dose of allicin; however you will still need a few cloves per day to feel the desired effects. In this case, garlic supplements can be a perfect solution for as they also have the ability to protect you from viruses.

In a 2001 study,released in the journal Advances in Therapy, was discoveredthat garlic supplement taken on daily basis can lower the number of colds by amazing 63%. Furthermore, it was proven that the time length of cold symptoms were reduced to 70%, that is, the control group without the use of garlic supplement showed 5 days of cold symptoms contrary to the one using the supplement reduced to astonishing 1,5 days.This only proves the protective effect of garlic towards common cold.

  1. Treats Acne – You may not see it in the acne list products but it is highly effective when treating blemishes. Allicin,with its potency can manage to stop the damaging effects of radicals and at the same time kill the bacteria. Sulfenic acid is a decomposed form of allicin which rapidly reacts against radicals, making it an extremely efficient herb for treating allergies, acne scars, and skin diseases.
  2. Treats Hair Loss – The protein hair is made of keratin which is contained in garlic due to its high sulfur content. Because of this it can stimulate hair growth and fortification. Garlic gel included in the therapeutic efficacy of topical betamethasone valerate for alopecia areata treatment, showed that can be highly effective in inciting hair re-growth, according to a 2007 study released in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology.
  3. Strengthens Physical Performance – Garlic was used for centuries against fatigue and enhancement of work capacity. Therefore it is perfect for increasing exercise capacity especially for the persons who suffer from heart disease.

In a 2005 study released in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology revealed that persons with heart disease who took garlic oil for period of time of 6 weeks their peak heart rate was lowered by 12 %. Likewise, their physical endurance was improved while performing a treadmill exercise.

So, do not avoid garlic, include it to your meal and gain its benefits for your optimal health. Do not discard it because of the taste or the smell, just take the supplements.




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