7 Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong All This Time

You may think that the following things are done properly, but you are wrong. You will even be amazed of how wrongly certain things are done. So follow reading and see all your mistakes and naturally how to correct them, and do the things in a proper way.

  1. How to eat a cupcake? Eat it like any sandwich and you will see the difference.
  2. How to hold a wine glass? Place a pinch stem of the glass between the first finger and the thumb.
  3. How to wear a bobby pin? In order to take a longer portion of your hair at once you should place the wavy part pointed inwards.
  4. How to cut a watermelon? Cross wise so that you keep the juice in it.
  5. How to cross words? You can try by covering them with other words.
  6. How to insert earphones?
  7. How to hold a pen?

Check at the following video, and see for yourself where are your mistakes and by eliminating them you will make your life much easier.


Source: myhealthylifeguide.net
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