75 Reasons Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is Great For You!

What is Hydrogen peroxide?

When it is pure hydrogen peroxide’schemical formula is H2O2, and it is with transparent features resembling like water. Even though its appearance is similar to water, its content is lot more different, and as well as richer in oxygen. Another very important characteristics is when brought to boiling point hydrogen peroxide is bound to explode. However, in households milder and watery hydrogen peroxide is used, the usual one which is used is of 3 to 5 percent HP.

Whenever we are hurt we also use hydrogen peroxide as it is good for sanitizing skin in both adults and children. When you apply it on the injury or cutusually bubbling appears due to release of oxygen molecules. This compound has so many uses and advantages; therefore we have prepared a list for you.

Bear in mind that most of the listed uses are with 3% consistency of hydrogen peroxide, and also the abbreviation “HP” in list stands for hydrogen peroxide.

Uses and Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide:

  1. Body detoxifier  prepare a bath with 1 cup of 3 to 5 percent HP. Then soak in the bath tub for 30 minutes and afterwards shower as usual.
  2. Bathroom and kitchen counters cleanser   just spray diluted HP directly on the bathroom and kitchen counters. For better results, you can simply add it into your routine cabinet cleaner and the effect is much better.
  3. Burnt foods on your pots and pans  HP is perfect for eliminating stuck foods on your cooking dishes. Just mix HP with baking soda until a paste is formed. Scrub paste on charred areas and leave it to act for couple of minutes or more. Rub with warm water until the burnt areas are cleaned.
  4. Bleaches laundry  white laundry with time turns greyish which no one likes, but you can use HP for spot free and make them perfectly clean. Include 1 cup of HP to the wash and leave the laundry to soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash clothes as usual.
  5. Beats colds – normallyHP cannot right away treat cold, but by putting a couple of drops of HP in your ears each morning, you will lower the cold effects or its symptoms.
  6. Cleans wine stains  just mix equal parts of liquid cleaning agent with HP. Put the solution on the stain and then remove with clean cloth.
  7. Cleaning of collar wring – is very easy, all you need is to spray it with a solution of 1 part liquid cleaning agent and 2 parts of HP.
  8. Cleanse humidifier water  just add 1 pint of HP in your gallon of water in the humidifier. This will help for the water to remain pure and the humidifier hygienic.
  9. Cleans toothbrush – HP is used for best oral health. Just soak the toothbrush into HP and all bacteria will be killed right away.
  10. Clears fungi from aquariums the best option for clean aquariums is HP. However, you should follow certain instructions which are available on internet, so that you do not hurt the fish.

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